For a more whimsical type of wedding, we can also recommend and make a Watercolor Wedding Invitation. What this means is one of the design elements in the invitation looks like it has been colored in using said medium. If you notice some of our portfolio’s designs, some of them have floral patterns surrounding the text on the invitation. 

Others have the entire background colored in with watercolor. You can also have it as a design element at the back of your invitation instead. All-in-all, these are only some of the many designs you can choose from for your order with us. Balancing your choices of watercolor elements also takes into account which fonts and colors you used to go along with it. 

That way you can go from a soft, intimate setting to an elegant, refined one. If you found one on this page that suits you, click on it and go to “Start Your Order” to get assigned to one of our wonderful wedding invitation designers. Once you’re settled with them on a good design, you can then talk to them about envelopes and shipping.

Remember, we can customize any of our designs or create a fully custom wedding invitation for you!