You might not believe it, but texturing is one of the trendiest designs in wedding invitations today. A lot of this one is newer, so not many have seen it yet. Others might be familiar with wooden ones, but there are more options nowadays.

Textured Wedding Invitations is not your usual one. You can play with it and combine it with several other themes, designs, and styles to create a perfect invite like no other. Your guest attendees have received a lot of invites through the years already. With that in mind, you can’t give them what they saw a lot of times. You must change the game and bring something new to make your wedding more memorable. Take note, your invitation will reflect the event’s mood so show your effort through the Textured Wedding Invitations.

Select your color theme and pick the texture you want. It can’t just be wooden because you can choose burlap, sand, grass, paper, marble, and lots of others. Your creativity can be boundless here. For example, let us start with marbles. This one has a lot of unique variations, such as the geometric ones. It has intertwining lines along with either smooth or hard looking shapes.