Among the most delicate wedding invitations, your guests probably will not forget a unique map-designed card that is perfect for a destination wedding. If you love traveling, going around places, riding buses, planes, and celebrating your wedding in another town or country, look no further. Under the Map section is a variety of invitations that boasts a feature unlike any other, incorporating a map into your invitation.

You should think of your favorite place, the most special to your heart, maybe the place where you and your partner met. Whatever this place is, you could easily insert in one of the invitations under the Map category. Whether it is the literal map or scenery from the location you chose, it does not matter. What is important is how great it will look. Choose a font style of your choice, the colors, and the little ornaments you want to put.

The style of Marilyn and Foster is perfect if you want to get creative. Look at Andrea and Bradley, Jenessa and Shawn, if you’re going to feature your couple photo with a special place on the background. However, there are also simpler styles, still, with a touch of a traveler. Shannon and Jed could suit your taste. Nevertheless, whatever wedding invitation layout you choose, you have the right to customize it the way you want.