One of the classic decoration you can put in your wedding invitation are laces of assorted tones and style. It gives the beauty you are looking for while keeping the balance between subtle and decorative. Choosing a special invitation under Lace is the most expected for couples who want to pursue a classical wedding motif. With the laces acting as border accents and framing the card, you are ready for the big day.

Lace also features font styles and sizes that you can customize. However, it is desirable to go for cursive since it is the font most partnered with the lace patterns. The shades of the fonts would depend on the background of your invitation. Such as Jennifer and Jarom, whereas the backdrop is a darker shade of red, while the wordings are white. It is a conventional color combination that is fitting for all themes.

When you think of the laces, think of the fashion that also matches your wedding’s motif. It could be in the traditional color of white or modernized hues of pinks and blues. Under the Lace category, if you want a wedding invitation that includes a more personal touch, opt for the ones where you can insert your best couple photo. It is welcoming. At the same time, it signifies the coming of the big day.