Plain & Simple

Do you still remember Bruce Lee’s quote, Simplicity is the key to brilliance? Its defining word is actually “simplicity,” which is synonymous with subtle and minimalism. Your wedding invitations could also have the same thing now. Be impactful with Plain and Simple Wedding Invitations. Beauty does not need to be loud so that you can stay with something effortless yet impactful. Your guest attendees will definitely like this style more than ever.
When we say plain and simple, it does not mean less than the other kinds of wedding invitation design and style. It will only play with two to three colors and use lesser embellishments. An example is a black and white invite. The background is white patterned with its counterpart. Accordingly, these two are the perfect combination for something striking, and it never fails.
With the black and white, you can have the wordings and one or two simple images in the first color. It will help emphasize the details more than the latter’s contrast to it. No frills is another excellent beginning for Plain and Simple Wedding Invitations. You will only need a solid background color such as maroon, pink, or something else. Then, the wordings will be the only other thing in the invite.