The best way to cherish a particular day is to have a memory of it, primarily through a photograph. A wedding invitation that delivers a message of remembrance is what you need if you aim for a lifetime memoir. Each time you will look at your card, you will treasure the very day you are finally preparing for the upcoming big day that changes your life forever. And it is one sentimental value to keep.

Having your photos distributed together with your wedding invitations is one way to display how inviting you are. It is also a method for your guests to have the privilege to appreciate what they should expect for your wedding. It’s like a mirror that resembles details of the day. And the image on the invitation shares a sense of reassurance of love and unity. Your friends, family, and guests will surely admire it.

Usually, the photos inserted are pre-wedding photos where you could be creative and enact a beautiful couple’s stunning scenario. A candid photograph is more than enough. Furthermore, your chosen image could either serve as a background or be in the center as an attraction. You could surround it with edges to highlight it or leave it bare and untouched. Worry nothing about the fonts and wordings because you are the one to decide from a comprehensive selection.