Touch of Gold

Are you planning for a simple yet stylish wedding but are lost as to translate it in your invitations? Don’t fret! This entire section showcases our previous work on various Touch of Gold Wedding Invitations. As you can see, some of the designs use the elegant color as a border around the main text of the invitation. Others decided to use that as a font color. You can see simple ones that involve gold text on a plain card to more complicated ones that have extra floral patterns around gold text with a colored background.
Gold paired with the right wedding invitation elements will change how it will look like. Gold sparkles would make a more elegant wedding invitation while a gold border with a floral pattern will make it seem intimate. Having a light or dark background also helps create a mood too. If you are interested in one of these designs or you want to make your own layout, choose one of our available links below. Then, click the “Start Your Order” button to discuss the layout, pricing, and shipping. It’s that quick and easy!

Remember, we can customize any of our designs or create a fully custom wedding invitation for you!