Photo Collage

One of the exciting things a photograph could do is say a story, and your wedding invitation could have it. Through a series of pictures formed into a collage, you can convey a message to your family, friends, and guests, whether about sharing your emotions or sharing recollections for them to treasure. The essential aspect of having it in your wedding invitation is keeping it close to your personality.

In this layout of the invitation, you do not have to choose between the best image because you can put as plenty as you want as long as it fits on the card. Everyone should be able to look at it with a clear view. And understand the sensations and thoughts you want them to feel. The design of the invitation is up to you. You can place texts above the images or place them beside or anywhere that best suits the overall look.

You can add accents surrounding the card and put embellishments to your fonts to make it look elegant. Your photos could either be colored, black and white, or a combination of both. A colorful collage is lively, and it sends a message of optimism. Meanwhile, black and white are more formal, reserved yet classic. In the end, you get to select which could serve you most desirable.