Greenery features wedding invitations that adhere to the love for the environment. Whether you want to be eco-friendly or something that matches an outdoor wedding theme, Greenery should be your top choice. The beauty of nature solely inspires the designs of the invitations. Through its green, natural pigmentation, your eyes are refreshed and blessed with the outdoor senses.

The font style used in the invitations sticks to the classic, giving a rustic look. However, you can always choose a specific calligraphy style to incorporate. Greenery may feature different types for selection. Although it is not as wide-ranged as others, it sticks to its name and only focuses on the green leafy decors. The decors, as you will see, are leaves styled in aesthetically pleasing manners.

This specific style is the default one. However, you can choose to add more to it. Like in Deanna and Tyler, you can select blooming flowers to accompany the leaves, making them more engaging. Or keep it minimalistic like Shane and Taylor, where a few hanging leaves are the best way to produce elegance. No matter what variation you end up choosing, Greenery is a line of wedding invitations that is always natural and flourishing.