Inviting your guests to your wedding is the first step to sharing how your wedding feels and looks like. With that in mind, one of our many designs available on our portfolio is our Typography Wedding Invitations. This style is known for using large fonts that keeps one’s attention on the invitation.
For example, a larger, stylistic font is used to highlight the name of the wedded-to-be and a smaller, simple font for the other details. As you can see, they can come in various themes: from a simple handwritten font on a plain card to a picture with a complementary font on the wedding. The trick for getting this type of invitation right is making sure that the font choice is front and center.
Adding too much embellishments such as flowers or patterns might distract the reader. To get more help, clicking on any one of the available designs below and going to “Start Your Order.” This will help you get started with which type of invitation would you like, who to deliver it to, and which envelope you want to pair it with.
Remember, we can customize any of our designs or create a fully custom wedding invitation for you!