Rustic wedding invitations never get old. Nowadays, many couples still like the visual effect it brings to the eyes. It is simple yet striking, which not many other themes can compare. Simplicity and elegances are the critical elements of the Rustic theme. It might sometimes look outdated, but it is fun. You can play with it too because it has many variations. Some designers like to include lace and more romantic elements in Rustic wedding invitations. Further, it will be coupled with a wood textured background. The contrast brings a significant effect because there is an adventurous sweetness effect.

On the other hand, you can also choose to pick the Barnyard Rustic theme. This one is popular with adventurous couples. They include string lights then accentuate with a dark wooden effect. There are many other choices if you need more examples for your wedding invitations. Accordingly, you can combine two or three different styles on it. Cowboy Rustic theme is what we are talking about. This one is a fantastic example of getting out of your comfort zone and trying something refreshing. Bring out your inner boldness.

Lastly, you can befriend nature with this invitation too. Use a nature-inspired image and use it as a background.