Frequently Asked Questions

Does the price change based on the amount of pictures I want on my announcement?

The price is the same no matter how many pictures you decide to include. We consider it part of the design and you are able to do whatever you want with the design.

Does the price change based on the design I choose?

You are welcome to have 100% freedom and control when it comes to the design you choose. You are able to mix and match as you please and the price doesn’t change.

How long does it take to process an order from start to finish?

Please allow for around 2 weeks to process, design, print, and ship the wedding invitations. This time can be shorter or longer depending mainly on the design process.

How long does the design process take?

Design can take as quick as 3-5 days depending on how quickly you respond and work with your assigned designer, or it can take a couple weeks if you are not in a hurry.

Once my design is finished and sent to printing how long does it take?

For specific turnaround times on printing please see the link here

Can an order be rushed?

You can rush an order to jump to the top of the design priority and our designers will work to respond as quickly as possible. This brings the total turn around time to about 10 days. We recommend rushing an order if your wedding is within the next 30-40 days. To rush an order the cost is $40. Click here for rush printing turn around details.

Can I get my envelopes before my announcements?

Yes, please let us know (before the design process is finished) and we can ship you the envelopes so you can start addressing. We do require a deposit if you want your envelopes early. This amount is $100.

Is it cheaper to just do a one sided announcement?

Whether you do a one sided or double sided announcement the prices are the same. We recommend using the back for an extra photo or at least the solid color of whatever the background for the front is. If you just have one sided printed the back will be the plain white card stock.

Am I able to get a print out of what my announcement will look like?

In order to keep our prices low we don’t currently offer printed proofs. We ask that you trust our company’s reputation to deliver high quality products. If you would like a sample email us and we’d be happy to mail you some.

Can I come into your store and look at samples?

The majority of our business can be done online through emails and our website, there are a couple options to get physical samples of our invitations. If you’re concerned about the paper quality, email us and request that we send you samples, this can help ease your mind. Second, if you live in or around the Utah County area you can schedule an appointment to come to our office and look through our past portfolio of designs and feel the paper we print on.

I received my announcements but not my inserts, should I be worried?

Occasionally our announcements and inserts are shipped separately but they are never too far behind. Check the tracking numbers we have sent you and start preparing your envelopes with what you do have.

I already have a design created can I still use Utah Announcements to print?

Yes, we offer our printing services to everyone. However we might ask that you meet our specifications or we might have to tweak your files just a little. Use the Custom Printing Page to learn more.

Can I use Utah Announcements if I live outside of Utah?

Yes, more than half our business comes from outside of Utah! We can ship anywhere in the United States and Canada. On the form select your shipping method. Extra Shipping may apply for international orders to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Is there a discount in the pricing if I already have my envelopes?

Yes, contact us for specific amounts and discounts that we will apply to your order if you have your own envelopes.