My Invite List

We know compiling wedding addresses can be a stressful thing. This is especially true if your guest list is in the hundreds. With so many people to invite, the task of collecting all their addresses and managing that list can be daunting.

My Invite List is a great tool that solves this problem. Instead of using a Google Doc or Word document, you can use this website to create, organize, manage, and share your invitation list. Here’s how it works:

After creating your account, the first step is to send out your personalized link to all your friends and family you would like to invite to the wedding. This link will take them to a short form where they will enter their address and other relevant information. This information is then loaded onto your guest list.

Your guest list will continue to grow as people access your  link. Once you have collected all your addresses, you can download your list in an Excel, Text, or CSV format. Your addresses will be ready to print straight onto your labels or envelopes.

If printing your addresses seems overwhelming, this one-stop shop has you covered. In your account, you can purchase envelope printing and we will take care of the entire process for you. For just $0.25 per envelope, we will print all your addresses and send the envelopes to you directly. You can also purchase plain envelopes on your account.

This service is not only helpful for your invitations – it is also helpful for your thank you cards! When you go to write your thank you cards, you will be able to simply take addresses from your list and print them on your envelopes again.

Having everything in one place will help keep you organized and make the planning process easier. We hope that you will take advantage of this great free wedding planning service! To get started, please visit