15 Wedding Hacks to Make Your Big Day Stress-Free

No matter what type of wedding you’re planning, big or small, everyone has worries about their big day. You want to enjoy your wedding day, not spend it stressing about the little things. To save you the hassle and the stress, we have gathered a few wedding hacks to make your day easier.

  1. Wearing a veil? Use veil weights to keep your veil in place in case of wind.
  2. Break in your shoes before the wedding day. You can do this easily with just a blow dryer and socks.
  3. Keep the kids entertained. Provide wedding-themed coloring or activity books.
  4. Come up with a wedding hashtag to create a real-time wedding photo album on social media.
  5. Planning for an outdoor venue? Attach Solemates to your heels so your shoes don’t get stuck in the grass.
  6. Create snack packs for you, the groom, and the bridal party to tide you over between the ceremony and reception. Keeping everyone fed will make sure everyone stays happy!
  7. Assign each bridal party or family member to a different vendor. Have them exchange contact information so they can solve any problems the day of and you don’t have to be worried.
  8. Have a spare pair of shoes. The shoes you are wearing for your ceremony and photos may not be comfortable anymore once you get to the reception, especially if there’s dancing. Have a pair of flats or sandals just in case.
  9. Remove static from your dress with a wire hanger. Run the long side of the hanger over your dress and between your tights, slip, etc. and you’ll be static free!
  10. Create a wedding timeline and hand it out to your families and bridal party. This way, everyone will be where they are supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there.
  11. Have a kit of emergency essentials with you at all times. This could include gum, deodorant, bobby pins, lip gloss, safety pins, etc. Have your maid of honor or bridesmaid carry it with them throughout the day so you always have access to it.
  12. Get rid of any morning-of pimples. The last thing you want to see when you wake up on the morning of your wedding is a big zit. Put Listerine or ice on it for a few minutes to reduce swelling and redness.
  13. Give your DJ a “do not play” list to avoid awkward dancing.
  14. Wear a cute outfit while you’re getting ready. If you are having a photographer there during hair and make up, make sure you love those photos by wearing something cute, like a button down shirt, robe, etc. Also make sure whatever you wear doesn’t have to be pulled over your head to take off to avoid messing your hair up.
  15. Find a time to spend time alone with your groom. The whole day really is about the two of you so make sure you have time together away from all the craziness.

Use these tips to make sure your wedding day is stress-free! In the end, even if things go wrong, all that matters at the end of the day is that you are married to the person you love. So enjoy the day and have fun!

My Invite List

We know compiling wedding addresses can be a stressful thing. This is especially true if your guest list is in the hundreds. With so many people to invite, the task of collecting all their addresses and managing that list can be daunting.

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After creating your account, the first step is to send out your personalized link to all your friends and family you would like to invite to the wedding. This link will take them to a short form where they will enter their address and other relevant information. This information is then loaded onto your guest list.

Your guest list will continue to grow as people access your  link. Once you have collected all your addresses, you can download your list in an Excel, Text, or CSV format. Your addresses will be ready to print straight onto your labels or envelopes.

If printing your addresses seems overwhelming, this one-stop shop has you covered. In your account, you can purchase envelope printing and we will take care of the entire process for you. For just $0.25 per envelope, we will print all your addresses and send the envelopes to you directly. You can also purchase plain envelopes on your account.

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Having everything in one place will help keep you organized and make the planning process easier. We hope that you will take advantage of this great free wedding planning service! To get started, please visit MyInviteList.com.

Pretty Packaging

How to Assemble Your Wedding Invitations Properly

So you have designed and printed your invitation, you’re done right? Close, but you’re missing one thing – the envelopes! The envelope is the first thing people will see when they receive your invitation so it’s important you get it right. You want the envelope to look beautiful and show you care about the guest receiving it. You have two options for putting information on your envelopes: handwrite it or type it.

Handwrite It

Some people write the addresses themselves, some hire a professional calligrapher. Either way, this is the most time and work intensive option, especially when you have hundreds of invitations to address. However, if you have the time and relatively small guest list, this is a great way to show your personal style

Type It


Your other option is to let a computer save you some time (and some hand pain) and type your addresses onto your envelopes. If you have already compiled a guest list and addresses on your computer, this is easy and quick. Typewritten addresses are simple and clean, making a great first inspiration as soon as your guests open their mailboxes.

As if typing the addresses does not already save you enough time, you don’t even have to do that! For just $0.25 each, we can address all of your invitations for you. We know you are probably stretched thin in the wedding planning process and we want to make it easier on you. This new service allows you to check one extra thing off your list and move on to other parts of your wedding. Let us help you! If you are interested in envelope printing, please visit this link to learn more: Envelope Printing.