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Wedding Venues Near You That Won’t Break Your Budget

Best Wedding Venues Near

Tying the knot with your loved one is a once in a lifetime event; hence, you want it to be perfect. However, all soon-to-wed couples are working on a budget and are surely looking for ways on how to cut down their wedding cost. The wedding venue takes up a big portion of the wedding budget. But did you know that there are a lot of venue options that are affordable and will suit your budget? Here are some ideas on wedding venues near you that won’t break your budget:

The courthouse

If you have a very limited budget and also working on a tight timeline, having your wedding at a courthouse is one of the best options for you. Aside from its convenience when it comes to preparation, civil weddings are affordable as it only usually costs a small fee depending on your city. Also, courthouses allow a limited number of guests only so it will significantly cut down the costs of other wedding happenings on that day. 

Vacation home

Hosting your wedding at home is definitely a great way to cut down on wedding costs. But if your home isn’t big enough to accommodate a large number of guests, you can explore renting a vacation home. A vacation home offers privacy and enough space for a wedding party while also doubling as a place to spend the night after a festive yet tiring day.

You can find a lot of options that will suit your preferred style, location, and budget in various websites like Airbnb. Prices vary depending on the size, location, and time of the year you will book the place. However, it is still a cheaper option instead of renting out a hotel’s function room. Make sure to inquire if they allow parties as some vacation rentals do not allow event functions.

Local park or garden

Having your wedding ceremony in your local park or garden will provide you with a picturesque wedding for only a minimal cost. Since you already have the beautiful nature as your backdrop, you only need to add a few decorations to align it with your theme and achieve the look of your dream wedding. Your local authority might just ask for a small fee for the usage of these public spaces. They might also ask you to acquire a wedding permit and insurance. 

Aside from being an affordable option, it provides a lot of space which can accommodate a large number of guests. But since this is an outdoor venue, make sure to consider and monitor the weather condition on your wedding date and prepare a contingency plan.

Historic site

If you are a couple who loves going on history tours or exploring art museums, why don’t you have your wedding at a library or a museum. These historic sites will provide a unique and memorable backdrop to your wedding. This option is not popular among soon-to-wed couples so you have a higher chance of getting a great deal and renting these venues for a cheaper price.

With libraries or museums, you get to save money on your wedding venue while also reminiscing your memories in that library or museum.


For wedding venues that won’t break your budget, look no further. Why not consider hosting your wedding in your own backyard? You wouldn’t need to pay for a rental fee and you have the freedom on how you want to set-up the venue. Just make sure to acquire necessary permits and inform your neighbors beforehand. You will be having a party and people will be coming over; hence, there will be noise and a lot of cars will be parked along your street.

Choosing the right venue for your wedding can be a challenge especially if you are working with a limited budget. Wherever your wedding venue may be, always keep in mind that what will make it truly remarkable are the special moments during your big day – the vows that you will make to seal your love to one another.

Trending Destination Wedding Locations for 2021 and 2022

Trending Destination Wedding Locations for 2022 and 2023

Trending Destination Wedding Locations

Having a destination wedding is the dream for some couples especially those who love traveling and going on adventures. But with a lot of options of beautiful destinations, it can be difficult to choose the best location for your destination wedding. To help you out, we’ve narrowed down the options and listed down the trending destination wedding locations for 2020 and 2021.


Iceland has become a go-to location for destination weddings. With its gorgeous lakes, beautiful hills, and scenic views, it has always been a travel favorite so it’s no surprise that it’s becoming one of the places that couples prefer to get married in. The only downside is that having a destination wedding in Iceland can be a bit pricey but if you have some money to spare and you want to go all-out for your wedding, getting married in Iceland can be a one-of-a-kind experience. You and your guests will surely enjoy the views that this country has to offer.

Negril, Jamaica — the new BahamasTrending Wedding Locations

Negril, Jamaica is the new Bahamas. Both places are known for their long stretches of sandy beaches and turquoise-shaded waters. But if you want a more intimate and private wedding, Negril is a perfect location for small weddings. Its secluded resorts provide a romantic and unique atmosphere that most couples look for in a destination wedding. Also, in Negril, you get to experience authentic Jamaican culture and its infamous cuisine.

ThailandTrending Destination Wedding

Thailand is definitely the place to be if you want a destination wedding that can also double as your honeymoon location as it is a country that has a rich and unique culture. It has tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins, and iconic temples that you can visit after your wedding day. With all these places that you can explore, it is best to allot at least a week if you plan on having your destination wedding in Thailand. Phuket is a great location to have your wedding as it is home to several romantic hotels which can make a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony. We recommend having a local who can speak your language to help you coordinate with the logistics so you won’t have a language barrier and avoid miscommunication.

Amalfi Coast, ItalyWedding Locations for 2021 and 2022

If you both love spectacular food and wine, Italy can be the best place for your destination wedding. It would be great to get married at Amalfi Coast because of its spectacular scenery. Its soaring cliffs and the sparkling sea provide a great backdrop for your wedding. No wonder it has become a bucket list destination. If you want to spend your honeymoon here, there are a lot of pastel-colored villages to visit, beautiful beaches to lounge on, and you can even take a vintage Italian sailboat cruise along the coast.

Ibiza, Balearic IslandsTrending Destination Wedding Locations for 2021 and 2022

Ibiza will definitely be enjoyed by you and your guests because of its magical scenery and tranquil vibe. Ibizan traditional architecture is a perfect backdrop for your destination wedding. Its chic rural vibe will give your wedding a unique look that will surely be remembered by you and your guests.

Destination Wedding Locations Within US

If you can’t afford to travel outside the state or just prefer nearer locations, there are still a lot of beautiful location options for your destination wedding:

  1. Have a beautiful beach wedding in Florida
  2. Enjoy the colorful backdrop of the vibrant lights in Las Vegas, Nevada
  3. Achieve your dream greenery wedding with the lush landscape of Livermore, California
  4. Get married with the scenic rocky mountain view in Aspen, Colorado

Before you decide on the location of your destination wedding, ask yourself first: what is the place that is remarkable for both of you? Do you have a dream destination? How about a favorite cuisine? These can help you identify which is your dream location for your destination wedding. Your wedding will be more memorable if it will be in a place that is relevant to both of you. After all, wherever you are, what’s important is that you are together celebrating your love for each other.

Natural Wedding Invitations | Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas 2021

Floral and Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas in 2021

Hello, soon-to-wed couples for 2021! Congratulations! Before you get all caught up with excitement for your big day, an important question is: how will you announce your wedding to your guests? 

Wedding invitations are a big part of a couple’s wedding. Aside from being a way to announce your wedding, since it is the first thing that your guests will see about your wedding, it will set the overall mood and theme. 

Are you both fond of natural and flourish designs? Why not utilize it as your wedding theme? Since your wedding will happen only once in your lifetime, you would want to be intricate about each detail. Floral and natural styles will still be popular in 2021. Although this design is commonly used for most wedding invitations, you can still make yours unique from this floral and natural wedding invitation ideas:

Classic Floral

Natural Wedding Announcements

Classic floral wedding invitations are timeless designs that will surely leave a lasting impression to your guests. This is usually the invitation design for couples who want to keep their theme traditional. It is simple yet elegant and makes the floral touch a great addition to liven up the clean look of the invitation.

Although this is a classic design, you can still personalize it by customizing the floral elements with the flower and color of your choice. 

Modern Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas

Floral but make it modern? It’s possible! When you think about floral, the usual designs that come to mind are classic and traditional. But did you know that you can put a twist on your traditional floral wedding invitations? Just by adding a pop of color and with the right font, you can create a modern floral invitation design that has a completely different feel from the usual floral wedding invitations.

Watercolor Floral

Wedding Invitations

Give your floral invitation a nice soft look with this watercolor floral design. Watercolor and flowers go well together as the strokes of the watercolor can give an effect that imitates the look of the petals of real flowers.

Minimalist Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation

Not a fan of too much color in your invitation? This minimalist floral invitation is the perfect option for you. Keep it clean and simple by utilizing line art for the illustrated floral visuals. It gives the clean look a romantic feel that doesn’t disrupt the minimalist design.

Rustic Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation

Provide a hint of romance to your wooden-inspired invitation design. Combine floral and wooden elements to create a rustic floral wedding invitation. This is perfect for backyard weddings which can be turned into a romantic and dreamy garden wedding set-up.

Greenery Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas 2021

Love natural elements but also can’t get enough of the lovely look of flowers? No need to trouble yourself with choosing one as you can utilize both to make a greenery floral invitation. Make your simple greenery-inspired invitation design stand out by adding floral elements.

Feel free to customize

Whichever you choose, always remember that you can customize and personalize your invitation however you want. Feel free to contact Utah Announcements if you want to build on an idea or you need help in customizing your wedding invitation. We have talented designers who can work with you one-on-one and make adjustments based on your feedback.

For more invitation designs, check out our portfolio here.

Wedding Planning

8 Wedding Planning Tips for your Greenery Inspired Wedding

Greenery can transform any wedding from simple to elegant and luxurious. You can have a greenery-inspired wedding for any season and in many different ways. There are many different flowers and herbs to choose from depending on where you are from and what season you are planning your wedding. Here we are going to share some Wedding Planning Tips to make your wedding perfect.

Greenery can easily be paired with different colors such as white, gold, wood, and more! From centerpieces to hairstyles, it doesn’t take that much effort to incorporate it into your wedding decor. Here are some Wedding Planning Tips to have the perfect greenery-inspired wedding.

wedding planning tips

1. Look For a Simple Wedding Venue

For greenery weddings, think of your wedding venue as your blank canvas! This is where you can start visualizing how you want to set up your wedding. It doesn’t have to be grand because your design will make your wedding shine no matter how plain the empty wedding venue looks.

Greenery weddings are usually held outdoors but you can also hold it inside a tent or even in a building. Just make sure that the venue can hold the audience capacity that you prefer.

2. Choose the Right Greenery For You

There are so many types of herbs and florals that you can choose from. Some of the most popular greenery to choose from are myrtle, eucalyptus, and fern because they can easily be used for any type of design.

If you’re looking for something different, try to experiment with succulent. Succulents are effortlessly gorgeous and can be used as table decor, bouquets, and giveaways. Try to mix and match to see what’s best for you!

wedding planning tips

3. Go For an Earthy Green Wedding Invitation

Your wedding invitation will be your guest’s first sneak peek of your wedding. Make a statement by creating an elegant wedding invitation with earthy and greenery tones. You can create the perfect greenery wedding invitation without all the stress by hiring professional invitation designers.

4. Decorate Your Ceremony Backdrop with Herb and Floral Garlands

A beautiful greenery wedding isn’t complete without an altar or background that is filled with lush greenery. Depending on your chosen venue, you can drape the greenery on the walls, on a metal stand, or whatever fits! Make sure to fill and style that area because it where the magic will happen.

5. Fill Your Table Decorations With Florals And Herbs

Another wedding must-have is to decorate your wedding centerpieces with lush greenery. Place greenery on the tables and around the chairs for the guests to truly feel the fresh atmosphere from when they enter the room or the venue. You can even go above and beyond and decorate the lights, walls, etc.

wedding planning tips

6. Match it with your Hairstyle

A simple way to match your theme is to style the bride’s and bridesmaid’s hairstyle with greenery. A few ideas are wearing a flower crown, tying your hair with greenery, draping it below, and other accents that can give your hairstyle a boost. Work with a professional hairstylist to make your dream wedding hairstyle come true. 

7. Match your greenery theme with your guests’ outfits

Have your guests wear a color or clothing style that will complement the greenery theme. This can be either plain white, gold, or whatever it is that fits your whole theme. Having a unifying attire can impact the look of your wedding more than you may think.

8. Prepare Greenery-inspired Food

Of course, your wedding will not be complete without any food! And why not take the extra step and match your food with your theme. Greenery-inspired cake and pastries will surely be a delicious addition to your wedding.

wedding planning tips

These are just some tips to make your greenery-inspired wedding as elegant and stress-free as it can be. The only problem you might encounter is how to keep the herbs fresh for your wedding day, which can be solved by proper refrigeration. Achieving your dream greenery wedding can be cheap and easy if you plan your wedding correctly.

Decor Ideas for your Winter Wonderland Wedding | Winter Wedding Invitation

Decor Ideas for your Winter Wonderland Wedding

They say the one you are with during the first snowfall is the person you will spend a long time with or if you will be lucky enough, the person you will be with forever. That’s why aside from the festive feel of winter brought about by the holidays, it is also a very romantic season.

Although winter is an off-season for weddings, weddings during winter can be made extra romantic by the gorgeous snow. The celebration of love brings warmth in this chilly season. To have that dreamy wedding, here are some winter wedding decor ideas:

1. Keep the color palette simple.

To accentuate the whites of the winter season, focus on a monochromatic color scheme. Since white is a neutral color, you can easily pair it up with another color. Choose one and play with the different hues of that color. 

To give a warm feel, you can opt to use deep shades like burgundy, emerald, or copper. You can also apply this to the utensils. Use copper and rustic-toned cutlery instead of the classic silverware to make it look more elegant. Then, mix and match it with decorative accents of the color you chose.

2. Utilize branches and pine cones for a rustic feel. 

Take advantage of the natural elements in your environment. Since the tree’s branches shred during winter, you can use those branches as part of your decoration. You can use it to make an arch and provide a grand addition to your wintery landscape.

You can also upcycle pine cones by using it as a cardholder, table decoration, garland, or even as a wedding cake decoration. With just a few modifications, you’ll be surprised at the numerous decors that you can come up with simple pine cones.

3. Add lights and candles to make it look romantic.

Instead of too many florals, explore utilizing candles. For the ceremony, you can line up candles on the aisle to offer a warm and inviting atmosphere. Also, candles will make the setting more romantic.

In addition to the candlelights, make the setting more dreamy by putting up string lights. Avoid colorful lighting. Stick to the natural shades of candlelight for a more elegant feel.

4. Drape knit blankets as a chair decor.

Although winter is a chilly season, you cannot expect all your guests to attend the wedding wearing too many outfit layers. Be ready with blankets to keep them warm throughout the ceremony. 

Drape knit blankets over the chairs to complement the overall set-up. Aside from its practical use of keeping the guests warm, it will surely upgrade the cozy atmosphere of your wedding.

5. Set up a hot beverage bar.

If guests do not want to cover up their outfit (of course, you would love to flaunt your outfit of the day) with a blanket, a hot beverage bar can be the answer! 

Set up a bar that will offer the guests coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. Decorate your bar with DIY decors using branches and pine cones and add candles to be consistent with the overall feel of the wedding. It can be a nice welcome treat to the guests when they get to the venue. This will surely keep them cozy all night.

Have you already pictured your winter wedding? 

After you’ve thought about all the details of the big day, don’t forget to also think about the pre-wedding essentials. Start with your invitation. Check out our designs for possible winter wedding invitation ideas. To help you create the perfect winter wedding invitation for you, feel free to contact us at 801-810-6065.

Fall Wedding Inspiration

The colors are changing and the temperature is dropping – fall is just here! The beautiful scenery is great inspiration if you are planning a wedding in the next couple of months. Incorporating small, subtle fall elements in your decor and theme will help you create a current and seasonal feel throughout your big day. Follow our suggestions for the perfect autumn wedding!

1. Go Rustic
Whether it’s a barn or burlap, fall is the perfect time for a rustic wedding. It doesn’t get more rustic than a barn venue, but if that is not an option, include smaller elements to create that same vibe. Anything wood, such as a tree slice cake stand or barn wood signage, is a good place to start.

2. Get Cozy
If the temperature hasn’t fallen too low, you can take your guests outside to enjoy this wonderful season. If your venue will allow it, set up a firepit with smores supplies for a camp-style feel. Add warm, assorted blankets to keep guests cozy and warm while they are outside. You could also serve hot chocolate and cider to keep the cold away. As long as your guests are comfortable, they will have a blast!

3. Create A Seasonal Color Palette
Reds, oranges, yellows, and browns are traditional fall colors but don’t let that limit you! Fall is a time for deep shades – think burgundy, plum, navy, and scarlet. These darker colors will be a great complement to the changing season.

4. Bring The Outdoors Inside
With colder temperatures, it can be difficult to have a fully outdoor wedding (especially when it gets closer to winter). Bring elements of the outdoors to your indoor venue to make it feel like autumn. Using leaves or pinecones in your decor, such as center pieces, can make it seem like you are right outside.


5. Design Your Invites With The Theme
Your invitations are the first exposure guests will have to your wedding. Include rustic elements like wood or burlap to create a fall theme that starts as soon as your guests open their invites.
Check out some of our categories from our portfolio to get started with some fall wedding inspiration for your wedding invitations. Just a reminder, all our designs can be 100% customized to fit your exact style and wants.

Burlap Wedding Invitations
Rustic Wedding Invitations
Wooden Wedding Invitations

Winter Engagement Photo Ideas

The air is getting colder and that can only mean one thing – it’s almost winter! Winter weddings are so beautiful and you have so many unique opportunities you wouldn’t have during any other season. For those brides that are getting married this winter, you are probably getting ready to do your engagement photos. Take a look at some of our ideas for a perfect winter engagement shoot.

1. Play in the snow.

White is the traditional color of weddings so why not fill your engagements with beautiful white snow?! Snowy photos are a unique way to set yourself apart from other warmer season weddings. It’s also a great way to layer cute clothes for many different outfit options.

2. Head indoors.

Maybe it’s just a little too cold outside, but that shouldn’t stop you from having an adorable photo shoot. There are many different studios that offer great natural lighting in an indoor setting. This is a great way to have a cozy shoot without freezing.

3. Use blankets.

The chilly weather is a great excuse to incorporate a cute blanket into your photos. There are lots of great options, from patchwork quilts to more simple wool blankets. Not only will they keep you warm, but it will be a great excuse to snuggle up close to your fiance.

4. Get with the holiday spirit.

If you’re getting married close to Christmas, why not incorporate some holiday flair in your shoot? Whether it’s a simple pine tree or something a little more festive, like mistletoe or a string of lights, using these props is a great way to celebrate the holidays and your upcoming nuptials.

5. Layers, layers, layers.

An outdoor photo shoot in the middle of winter will be cold. But that doesn’t mean you need to be! Wear lots of layers and a warm coat to make sure you don’t freeze to death while posing for your pictures. The best pictures are the ones where both of you are comfortable so make that a priority. Also, what’s cuter than a beanie and winter jacket?

Make the most of the beautiful winter season coming up and take some photos! We can’t wait to see them printed on your invitation.

Our Most-Pinned Invitations

Every bride knows that Pinterest is a valuable tool in planning the perfect wedding. With so much inspiration and so many great ideas, it is a great resource for every bride-to-be. We recently went through our own Pinterest and found our five most-pinned invitations to share with all of you.

1. Kwinci and Todd

542 repins, 85 likes

By far our most popular design, Kwinci and Todd’s invitation is a stroke of typographic genius. The fonts and colors flow well together to create a beautiful message for your guests. The nontraditional wording highlights the important details that guests need to know, like the bride and grooms names and the time and place of the reception. The calendar is a cute touch that again reminds guests exactly when the big day is. This invitation is a great way to give guests a preview of your wedding style and colors, as well as give them all the important information they need.

2. Michelle and Jacob

87 repins, 7 likes

Michelle and Jacob’s design nails the chalkboard trend right on the head. The simple black and white lettering is beautiful to look at and does not distract from the cute couple’s photo.  The swirling accents add a nice touch and complement the cursive lettering.

3. Nichole and Parker

59 repins, 5 likes

With a design similar to Michelle and Jacob, Nichole and Parker’s invitation is very popular. The lettering in this announcement is very similar to the previous one and looks simple and classy. The photo background is a great way to showcase more of your engagement photos (because let’s be honest… it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few favorites, right?). This words and photo combination is a beautiful way to invite your friends and family to take part in your wedding day.

4. Hanna and Joseph

30 repins, 3 likes

Hanna and Joseph’s floral announcement is a breath of fresh air. Great for a spring or summer wedding, this invitation is often pinned on wedding inspiration boards. The gold coloring is classic and classy, giving a sophisticated air to their invite. The monogram adds an extra special and unique touch, making it all their own.

5. Melanie and Kolten

24 repins, 4 likes

Think of this as Michelle and Jacob minus the photo. This chalkboard design is a Pinterest hit. Its simplicity is its biggest strength, making it easy to customize with your own photo separately. The black and white colors are a classic choice and the mixture of fonts looks beautiful. This invitation works year round for many different wedding styles.

Well, there you have it – our most popular Pinterest styles! Feel free to check out our Pinterest for more inspiration and ideas. You can also take a look at our portfolio on our website for past clients’ designs.