Wedding Planning checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist

Planning your wedding is exciting but it can also be overwhelming. It would be a nightmare if you forget something for your wedding day. You wouldn’t want your special day to be ruined with that little thing that you mistakenly overlooked, would you?

So we are here to give you a rundown of everything you need for your wedding. Are you ready to tick off the items in our checklist?

First Phase

This is the time when you have just been engaged. This part of wedding planning can be extremely overwhelming as you will be starting from scratch and will need to determine the main details of your wedding. 

  • Choose a wedding date.

Of course, wedding planning cannot start without finalizing the wedding date. This will determine the amount of time that you have for preparations so you can manage and adjust accordingly.

  • Determine your budget. 

Check out these tips on how to keep your wedding under budget.

  • Identify your preferred wedding theme. 

Collect inspirations to give you ideas on possible wedding themes. Are you planning to have a backyard wedding? Maybe a greenery-inspired wedding will work for you. Or will you be having your wedding during winter?

  • Look for possible venue options.

Once you’ve already got a visual idea of how you want your wedding, start looking for possible venue options. Here’s how you can choose the right wedding venue.

  • Start creating your guest list.

Identify who you would like to invite to your wedding. Will it be a big wedding or will you opt for an intimate wedding with just family and close friends?

  • Have your engagement photos taken.

Your engagement photos can be used for your invitations and as part of your wedding decor. Furthermore, having your engagement photos taken can be an evaluation of whether or not you’ve chosen the right photographer for your wedding.

Second Phase

You are now in the middle part of your wedding planning process. Make sure to secure everything you need for your wedding day.

  • Secure your venue.

Once you’ve chosen a venue, make sure to book it right away.

  • Book your officiant.

Your wedding won’t be official if you do not have a wedding officiant so ensure that you won’t forget to book one.

  • Make your wedding announcement. 

This wedding can never move forward without announcing it to your guests. Send out Save The Date and Invitation Cards and keep your guests excited. Here are some Save The Date ideas and tips on how to choose the right wedding invitation. Always keep in mind that great invitation designs matter.

  • Hire your photographer, caterer, florist, and all necessary wedding suppliers.

Ensure that you have secured all the necessary vendors for your wedding. Book them ahead so you’ll have more time in case there are adjustments needed.

  • Finalize wedding outfits for you and your entourage.

You and your guests should look perfect during your wedding day. Schedule fittings and finalize outfits for you and your entourage.

Third Phase

Your wedding day becomes nearer and nearer! Are you excited? Finish up your preparation by accomplishing the last items in your checklist.

  • Finalize the menu and the program of the reception.

Make sure that you and your guests will enjoy your wedding reception. Conduct food tasting to ensure the quality of the food that you will serve to your guests. Set the program flow for a more organized wedding reception.

  • Explore wedding day hair and make up styles.

You should look stunning during your big day. Do hair and make up tests to know which look best suits you.

  • Write your wedding vows.

This definitely shouldn’t be forgotten. Reflect on your story as a couple and pour your heart out when writing your wedding vows.

  • Purchase your wedding rings.

Purchase your wedding rings early to ensure you have enough time for resizing and engraving.

  • Acquire your marriage license.

Make it official! Ensure to acquire your marriage license.

  • Prepare Thank You gifts or cards for your guests.

Will you be giving out wedding favors to your guests as a Thank You gift? If wedding favors aren’t your thing, you can opt to give out Thank You cards instead.


These can feel like a lot but your special day deserves careful planning to ensure that you don’t miss out on all wedding must-haves. If you want to know more about wedding planning as well as the things that people don’t tell you about wedding planning, read this article.

Go and start ticking off each item in your checklist. You deserve a perfect wedding!

Save The Date Card | Save The Date Card Ideas For Your Wedding

Save The Date Card Ideas For Your Wedding

Congratulations! Have you already set the date for your wedding? This is really big news that you will announce to your friends and family. And when you share the big news, you also want them to feel the same excitement that you felt when the important question has been finally popped.  

One of the ways how couples announce their wedding is by giving out Save The Date cards. Save The Dates are given earlier than invitation cards. It is a great way to prepare your loved ones for your wedding day before you officially and formally invite them. Its difference from invitation cards is that it is just a way to let people know about your wedding day while invitation cards are wordier and include more information like the wedding venue, date, dress code (if there are any), and other details. 

Since it is a part of your wedding announcement, it should reflect the overall theme of your wedding. To help you decide on what type of Save The Date card is perfect for you, here are some ideas:


Save The Date Wedding Card

What’s a better way of telling your guests about your wedding day than a Calendar Save The Date? Provide them a calendar, plot your wedding date, and voila – it’s all set! This will ensure that your guests won’t forget about this special day. To make it more personalized and romantic, include photos from your engagement or pre-nuptial shoot. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the perfect envelope to complement it. Check out our Gourmet Flavors Collection for elegant color options that will surely impress your guests.

Photo Design

Wedding Invitations

The Photo Design Save The Date card is a simple yet personalized design that will surely make a mark on the hearts of your guests. Feature a stunning photo of you and your partner as the background and lay down the date of your wedding to inform your guests of this special day. This is a simple photo design that is as striking as your love for each other. Complete the look of your Photo Design Save The Date Card with our kraft paper envelope.

Photo Collage 

Save The Date Card Ideas For Your Wedding

Want to flaunt your beautiful engagement and pre-nuptial photos? Why settle with just one photo when you can create a collage? No need to include wordy content as your romantic photos will say it all with our Photo Collage Save The Date card. Your guests will know your story just by looking at your photos. To add a pop of color to your Save The Date card, choose among our Pop Tone Collection for the envelope that will surely catch your guests’ attention.


 Wedding Cards

If you prefer to keep if traditional and classy, the Damask Save The Date card is perfect for you. Fall in love with this exciting and captivating design that will bring artistry to your wedding. Feel free to be creative by incorporating other elements like flowers, leaves, feathers, and whatever you like. Customize the damask pattern by utilizing your own choice of color. Make it bolder by using striking colors or keep it romantic by using dark tones. Of course, your save-the-date card wouldn’t be complete without an envelope. Our Ivory/Cream envelope is the best choice to keep the sophistication of your Damask Save The Date card.


Whatever design you choose, make sure that you put your heart into it. Make it as personalized as possible. Make sure that it is relevant to your life as a couple. Your Save The Date card should have a piece of your love story.

Utah Announcements can assure you that you will be able to find the perfect Save The Date card for your wedding. Contact us here or give us a call at 801-810-6065.

How To DIY Wedding Invitations

Have you already created your wedding planning checklist? How about your budget? Were you able to allocate a specific budget for each item on your list? Do you find it hard to divide your wedding budget among everything you need for your dream wedding?

Most couples have already become practical when it comes to their wedding preparation. As much as possible, they do not want to spend too much money as they’d rather save it for their future. To lessen their wedding expenses, they opt for do-it-yourself planning. If they can do some things by themselves, they don’t see the need of hiring someone else to do it. This will help them save a few bucks.

One thing that soon-to-wed couples DIY are invitations. Since it is personal and easily customizable, some couples prefer to do it on their own. Here are the things that you need to consider when creating a DIY wedding invitations:

1. Layout

Wedding invitations aren’t just about the design. What makes a good invitation is the layout. It is how you were able to showcase all the necessary details to your guests. Don’t forget the most important details such as the date, time, and location of your big day. Keep these information the focal point of your invitation.

To help you get started, you can look for templates online. Or if you are feeling crafty, feel free to do it from scratch. Ensure that your layout is organized. Avoid overwhelming graphics and complicated layout. Other elements on your invitation shouldn’t distract the reader from the main details of your wedding invite. 

2. Font

Choose your font carefully. Your choice of font will greatly affect the overall look of your invitation. It will set the mood and tone, not just of your invitation, but also of your wedding. More importantly, choose a font that is easy to read. You wouldn’t want your guests to misread the details of your big day and end up attending on a different day, would you?

For a cohesive look, do not use more than three font styles. Too many font styles in one layout will make your design look cluttered. Once you’ve chosen the font styles, you can apply it to other items such as Save The Date cards, Thank You cards, and other decors during your wedding. This can serve as a unifying element of your wedding theme.

3. Embellishments

Think about how you will spice up your invitation. An additional embellishment is a perfect way to put a unique touch to your invitation. The advantage of making a DIY wedding invitation is you can get creative and more personal with the embellishments. Add a monogram wax seal to your envelope or include lace, twine, or dried flowers – you can customize it according to your wedding theme.

You can also spice it up with the envelope. Including an envelope liner might be a tedious task for a DIY project but it will surely upgrade your invitation to a whole other level of elegance.

4. Printing

After you create your own design for your wedding invitation, it is advisable to have a professional printing service to ensure the quality of your invitations. You wouldn’t want the invitation that you worked hard on to be compromised just because of low quality print and paper. Besides, you will be distributing it to your guests as an announcement of your big day. It is just proper to make it not just presentable, but also impressive.

Quality should still be your priority

DIY invitations give couples the freedom and more leeway to customize their invitations. It can be a fun and memorable experience while also being able to cut down on costs. But there are things that are, ideally, shouldn’t be shortchanged and best left to the experts. No matter how much you want to save money on your wedding, you should still prioritize quality. After all, it is your big day. You deserve a perfect and momentous wedding.

For professional printing services, you can check out Utah Announcements for high-quality prints that will conveniently be delivered right to your door. From invitations, inserts, RSVP, and Thank You cards – we can print it for you! No need to struggle too much about your DIY wedding invitation as you can simply download our invitation templates, create your own design, and we’ll take care of the printing.

If you ever change your mind and decide not to DIY your wedding invitation, we’ve got you covered as well! At Utah Announcements, we also create customized wedding invitations that you will surely love. Check out sample designs in our portfolio.

Natural Wedding Invitations | Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas 2021

Floral and Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas in 2021

Hello, soon-to-wed couples for 2021! Congratulations! Before you get all caught up with excitement for your big day, an important question is: how will you announce your wedding to your guests? 

Wedding invitations are a big part of a couple’s wedding. Aside from being a way to announce your wedding, since it is the first thing that your guests will see about your wedding, it will set the overall mood and theme. 

Are you both fond of natural and flourish designs? Why not utilize it as your wedding theme? Since your wedding will happen only once in your lifetime, you would want to be intricate about each detail. Floral and natural styles will still be popular in 2021. Although this design is commonly used for most wedding invitations, you can still make yours unique from this floral and natural wedding invitation ideas:

Classic Floral

Natural Wedding Announcements

Classic floral wedding invitations are timeless designs that will surely leave a lasting impression to your guests. This is usually the invitation design for couples who want to keep their theme traditional. It is simple yet elegant and makes the floral touch a great addition to liven up the clean look of the invitation.

Although this is a classic design, you can still personalize it by customizing the floral elements with the flower and color of your choice. 

Modern Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas

Floral but make it modern? It’s possible! When you think about floral, the usual designs that come to mind are classic and traditional. But did you know that you can put a twist on your traditional floral wedding invitations? Just by adding a pop of color and with the right font, you can create a modern floral invitation design that has a completely different feel from the usual floral wedding invitations.

Watercolor Floral

Wedding Invitations

Give your floral invitation a nice soft look with this watercolor floral design. Watercolor and flowers go well together as the strokes of the watercolor can give an effect that imitates the look of the petals of real flowers.

Minimalist Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation

Not a fan of too much color in your invitation? This minimalist floral invitation is the perfect option for you. Keep it clean and simple by utilizing line art for the illustrated floral visuals. It gives the clean look a romantic feel that doesn’t disrupt the minimalist design.

Rustic Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation

Provide a hint of romance to your wooden-inspired invitation design. Combine floral and wooden elements to create a rustic floral wedding invitation. This is perfect for backyard weddings which can be turned into a romantic and dreamy garden wedding set-up.

Greenery Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas 2021

Love natural elements but also can’t get enough of the lovely look of flowers? No need to trouble yourself with choosing one as you can utilize both to make a greenery floral invitation. Make your simple greenery-inspired invitation design stand out by adding floral elements.

Feel free to customize

Whichever you choose, always remember that you can customize and personalize your invitation however you want. Feel free to contact Utah Announcements if you want to build on an idea or you need help in customizing your wedding invitation. We have talented designers who can work with you one-on-one and make adjustments based on your feedback.

For more invitation designs, check out our portfolio here.