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Save The Date Card | Save The Date Card Ideas For Your Wedding

Save The Date Card Ideas For Your Wedding

Save The Date Card Ideas 

Congratulations! Have you already set the date for your wedding? This is really big news that you will announce to your friends and family. And when you share the big news, you also want them to feel the same excitement that you felt when the important question has been finally popped.  

One of the ways how couples announce their wedding is by giving out Save The Date cards. Save The Dates are given earlier than invitation cards. It is a great way to prepare your loved ones for your wedding day before you officially and formally invite them. Its difference from invitation cards is that it is just a way to let people know about your wedding day while invitation cards are wordier and include more information like the wedding venue, date, dress code (if there are any), and other details. 

Since it is a part of your wedding announcement, it should reflect the overall theme of your wedding. To help you decide on what type of Save The Date card is perfect for you, here are some ideas:


Save The Date Wedding Card

What’s a better way of telling your guests about your wedding day than a Calendar Save The Date? Provide them a calendar, plot your wedding date, and voila – it’s all set! This will ensure that your guests won’t forget about this special day. To make it more personalized and romantic, include photos from your engagement or pre-nuptial shoot. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the perfect envelope to complement it. Check out our Gourmet Flavors Collection for elegant color options that will surely impress your guests.

Photo Design

Wedding Invitations

The Photo Design Save The Date card is a simple yet personalized design that will surely make a mark on the hearts of your guests. Feature a stunning photo of you and your partner as the background and lay down the date of your wedding to inform your guests of this special day. This is a simple photo design that is as striking as your love for each other. Complete the look of your Photo Design Save The Date Card with our kraft paper envelope.

Photo Collage 

Save The Date Card Ideas For Your Wedding

Want to flaunt your beautiful engagement and pre-nuptial photos? Why settle with just one photo when you can create a collage? No need to include wordy content as your romantic photos will say it all with our Photo Collage Save The Date card. Your guests will know your story just by looking at your photos. To add a pop of color to your Save The Date card, choose among our Pop Tone Collection for the envelope that will surely catch your guests’ attention.


 Wedding Cards

If you prefer to keep if traditional and classy, the Damask Save The Date card is perfect for you. Fall in love with this exciting and captivating design that will bring artistry to your wedding. Feel free to be creative by incorporating other elements like flowers, leaves, feathers, and whatever you like. Customize the damask pattern by utilizing your own choice of color. Make it bolder by using striking colors or keep it romantic by using dark tones. Of course, your save-the-date card wouldn’t be complete without an envelope. Our Ivory/Cream envelope is the best choice to keep the sophistication of your Damask Save The Date card.


Whatever design you choose, make sure that you put your heart into it. Make it as personalized as possible. Make sure that it is relevant to your life as a couple. Your Save The Date card should have a piece of your love story.

Utah Announcements can assure you that you will be able to find the perfect Save The Date card for your wedding. Contact us here or give us a call at 801-810-6065.

How To DIY Wedding Invitations

How To DIY Wedding Invitations

Have you already created your wedding planning checklist? How about your budget? Were you able to allocate a specific budget for each item on your list? Do you find it hard to divide your wedding budget among everything you need for your dream wedding?

Most couples have already become practical when it comes to their wedding preparation. As much as possible, they do not want to spend too much money as they’d rather save it for their future. To lessen their wedding expenses, they opt for do-it-yourself planning. If they can do some things by themselves, they don’t see the need of hiring someone else to do it. This will help them save a few bucks.

One thing that soon-to-wed couples DIY are invitations. Since it is personal and easily customizable, some couples prefer to do it on their own. Here are the things that you need to consider when creating a DIY wedding invitations:

1. Layout

Wedding invitations aren’t just about the design. What makes a good invitation is the layout. It is how you were able to showcase all the necessary details to your guests. Don’t forget the most important details such as the date, time, and location of your big day. Keep these information the focal point of your invitation.

To help you get started, you can look for templates online. Or if you are feeling crafty, feel free to do it from scratch. Ensure that your layout is organized. Avoid overwhelming graphics and complicated layout. Other elements on your invitation shouldn’t distract the reader from the main details of your wedding invite. 

2. Font

Choose your font carefully. Your choice of font will greatly affect the overall look of your invitation. It will set the mood and tone, not just of your invitation, but also of your wedding. More importantly, choose a font that is easy to read. You wouldn’t want your guests to misread the details of your big day and end up attending on a different day, would you?

For a cohesive look, do not use more than three font styles. Too many font styles in one layout will make your design look cluttered. Once you’ve chosen the font styles, you can apply it to other items such as Save The Date cards, Thank You cards, and other decors during your wedding. This can serve as a unifying element of your wedding theme.

3. Embellishments

Think about how you will spice up your invitation. An additional embellishment is a perfect way to put a unique touch to your invitation. The advantage of making a DIY wedding invitation is you can get creative and more personal with the embellishments. Add a monogram wax seal to your envelope or include lace, twine, or dried flowers – you can customize it according to your wedding theme.

You can also spice it up with the envelope. Including an envelope liner might be a tedious task for a DIY project but it will surely upgrade your invitation to a whole other level of elegance.

4. Printing

After you create your own design for your wedding invitation, it is advisable to have a professional printing service to ensure the quality of your invitations. You wouldn’t want the invitation that you worked hard on to be compromised just because of low quality print and paper. Besides, you will be distributing it to your guests as an announcement of your big day. It is just proper to make it not just presentable, but also impressive.

Quality should still be your priority

DIY invitations give couples the freedom and more leeway to customize their invitations. It can be a fun and memorable experience while also being able to cut down on costs. But there are things that are, ideally, shouldn’t be shortchanged and best left to the experts. No matter how much you want to save money on your wedding, you should still prioritize quality. After all, it is your big day. You deserve a perfect and momentous wedding.

For professional printing services, you can check out Utah Announcements for high-quality prints that will conveniently be delivered right to your door. From invitations, inserts, RSVP, and Thank You cards – we can print it for you! No need to struggle too much about your DIY wedding invitation as you can simply download our invitation templates, create your own design, and we’ll take care of the printing.

If you ever change your mind and decide not to DIY your wedding invitation, we’ve got you covered as well! At Utah Announcements, we also create customized wedding invitations that you will surely love. Check out sample designs in our portfolio.

Natural Wedding Invitations | Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas 2021

Floral and Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas in 2021

Hello, soon-to-wed couples for 2021! Congratulations! Before you get all caught up with excitement for your big day, an important question is: how will you announce your wedding to your guests? 

Wedding invitations are a big part of a couple’s wedding. Aside from being a way to announce your wedding, since it is the first thing that your guests will see about your wedding, it will set the overall mood and theme. 

Are you both fond of natural and flourish designs? Why not utilize it as your wedding theme? Since your wedding will happen only once in your lifetime, you would want to be intricate about each detail. Floral and natural styles will still be popular in 2021. Although this design is commonly used for most wedding invitations, you can still make yours unique from this floral and natural wedding invitation ideas:

Classic Floral

Natural Wedding Announcements

Classic floral wedding invitations are timeless designs that will surely leave a lasting impression to your guests. This is usually the invitation design for couples who want to keep their theme traditional. It is simple yet elegant and makes the floral touch a great addition to liven up the clean look of the invitation.

Although this is a classic design, you can still personalize it by customizing the floral elements with the flower and color of your choice. 

Modern Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas

Floral but make it modern? It’s possible! When you think about floral, the usual designs that come to mind are classic and traditional. But did you know that you can put a twist on your traditional floral wedding invitations? Just by adding a pop of color and with the right font, you can create a modern floral invitation design that has a completely different feel from the usual floral wedding invitations.

Watercolor Floral

Wedding Invitations

Give your floral invitation a nice soft look with this watercolor floral design. Watercolor and flowers go well together as the strokes of the watercolor can give an effect that imitates the look of the petals of real flowers.

Minimalist Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation

Not a fan of too much color in your invitation? This minimalist floral invitation is the perfect option for you. Keep it clean and simple by utilizing line art for the illustrated floral visuals. It gives the clean look a romantic feel that doesn’t disrupt the minimalist design.

Rustic Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation

Provide a hint of romance to your wooden-inspired invitation design. Combine floral and wooden elements to create a rustic floral wedding invitation. This is perfect for backyard weddings which can be turned into a romantic and dreamy garden wedding set-up.

Greenery Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas 2021

Love natural elements but also can’t get enough of the lovely look of flowers? No need to trouble yourself with choosing one as you can utilize both to make a greenery floral invitation. Make your simple greenery-inspired invitation design stand out by adding floral elements.

Feel free to customize

Whichever you choose, always remember that you can customize and personalize your invitation however you want. Feel free to contact Utah Announcements if you want to build on an idea or you need help in customizing your wedding invitation. We have talented designers who can work with you one-on-one and make adjustments based on your feedback.

For more invitation designs, check out our portfolio here.

Wedding Invitations Utah

How To Choose The Right Wedding Invitation

You’ve already started in the process of planning your wedding. Isn’t it exciting? But before you get all carried away with the thrill of finally getting married, make sure that you keep everything ironed out.

First things first – how will you announce your wedding? You might get caught up with all the things that are needed on your wedding day but you shouldn’t forget an essential item at a wedding – the wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitations Give The First impression

Your wedding invitation serves as an official announcement of your big day. It deserves to be the best. You shouldn’t look at it as just a simple piece of paper stating that you are getting married and you are inviting your guests. It gives the first impression to your guests. Whatever preparations you are doing to make your day perfect, that should also reflect on your wedding invitation.

First Consideration: Budget

Before you decide on what type of invitation you want to have, you can start by identifying your budget. Your imagination can run wild on what invitation you’d like for your wedding but your budget will determine the most feasible option. You probably already have allocated a part of your wedding budget for the invitations. So just make sure to stick to that.

By setting your budget, it will be easier for you to narrow down your options. What type of paper would you like to use? What type of printing? Will there be special executions? Keeping your budget in mind will also help you avoid going overboard with your design. 

Your Wedding Theme Will Determine Your Style

Aside from your budget, your main consideration for your wedding invitation should be your wedding theme. What’s your overall wedding theme? What is your color motif? Since your invitation is the official announcement of your wedding, it should also complement your overall theme. It is ideal to plan ahead and finalize your overall theme before you get into the details. You wouldn’t want your wedding invitation to look misplaced from all the elements on your wedding day.

So, what will be your wedding theme?


If you prefer the simple and traditional style, a classic wedding might be the best option. It is also the most versatile option when it comes to personalizing the wedding. Here are some invitation ideas for your classic wedding:

Alexis and Samuel


If you want to be more romantic for your wedding, a floral wedding is perfect for you. To complement your floral-themed wedding, here are some wedding invitation ideas:

Brynnli and Hyrum


Do you love floral weddings but want to be a bit different? A greenery wedding is the perfect alternative. It uses natural elements like plants which will give a lush look to your wedding. Here are some greenery-inspired wedding invitations to complete your greenery-inspired wedding:

Alie and Jensen


If you are planning on an outdoor wedding, you can explore doing a rustic wedding. This is a great choice for outdoor venues as rustic theme utilizes natural elements. What’s good about this style is that it is also budget-friendly as the decorations can be DIY-ed. Here are some rustic wedding invitation samples:

wedding invitation

Your Wedding Invitation Should Be About You

These are just some ideas that can inspire you when choosing your wedding invitation. At the end of the day, it will still depend on your own liking and preference. More than the budget and your theme, the most essential factor that you need to keep in mind is if your invitation will reflect your story as a couple. Be creative. Feel free to modify and personalize that simple piece of paper that will contain the details of one of the most important days of your life.

If you have an idea or you need help in creating a customized design for your wedding invitation, contact us through our website or give us a call at 801-810-6065. We’d love to be a part of this special milestone in your life.

Things Your Wedding Planner Won't Tell You

5 Things They Don’t Tell you About Wedding Planning

You have probably already heard about what you should do, what you should have, or what you need when planning a wedding. You can find a lot of tips and resources that tell you about various wedding hacks. But the true hack is knowing all aspects of wedding planning (yes, even the messy and stressful aspects!) and preparing yourself on how to handle it. 

There are still some things that they don’t tell you about – which we think are worth sharing.

1. Something will go wrong.

In planning for events, I bet no one has ever told you this before especially when planning for a wedding. This is not just being pessimistic. You just have to understand that not all things are within your control. And there might (emphasis on the might) be at least one thing that could go wrong. When you foresee such possibilities, you are able to make a plan B. Set a game plan with your wedding planner on how you will resolve possible issues. 

This is to also help you compose yourself when something really goes wrong during your special day. It’s because you expected it. You accepted that mishaps are sometimes inevitable. And it’s okay. You can still reclaim that one mishap with the memories you could make with your partner since you still have the rest of forever for yourselves.

And if nothing goes wrong, great! You are one lucky couple!

2. Everyone has an opinion.

Although this wedding is about you and your partner, there surely are other people who would want to give their opinion on various things. It can be the bride’s mom commenting on the choice of your color motif. Or the groom’s aunt telling you about the best caterer in town.

No matter what other people say about your wedding, don’t feel pressured to provide what they want. People will always have a say no matter what you do. Just let them be and do your thing. After all, it is your wedding. Not theirs.

3. At least one unexpected expense will arise.

This could be that one thing that could have gone wrong. Aside from thinking of a contingency plan for whatever mishap that could possibly happen, you should also allocate a contingency fund.

You wouldn’t want to shell out extra money that is out of your budget for some problem that occurred in the process. If you set a contingency fund, there will be room for adjustments – whether it be because of a minor mistake or you just want that extra pair of shoes for your reception. You don’t have to worry if some changes are needed.

4. Throwing a simple wedding is just as much work as throwing a fancy one.

What does throwing a simple wedding and throwing a fancy wedding have in common? They both need to be planned and organized. There must have been an instance when choosing a simple wedding instead of a fancy one came across your mind. 

It’s probably because you thought that simple weddings are easier to plan and organize. That could be true to some extent. But for both options, you still have to contact suppliers, outsource needed items, secure a venue, etc. You still have to do the work. So just follow your heart. Don’t worry too much about the hassle. Hire a wedding planner. Don’t take all the burden by yourself. It’s your special day. You deserve the best.

5. Great wedding invitation design matters.

You would think that a wedding invitation is just a simple piece of paper that you need for a wedding. You just need it to inform your guests that you would like to invite them to your wedding. But that’s actually what makes it so significant.

It is where you will announce your wedding. It will be your way of letting them know that you want them to be part of your special day. Since this is an important day for you, the way you announce this day should also be special. This is where design matters. Your wedding invitation will give a remarkable impression to your guests.

At Utah Announcements, we can provide you with custom designs based on your preference and taste. You can place your order here

We are not sharing these things to discourage you or stress you out. We want you to have visibility of all sides of the wedding planning – even the most stressful ones. Through this, you will be able to try your best to avoid or at least prepare a contingency plan for these possible mishaps that could arise along the way.

Happy planning!

5 Wedding Must-Haves For The Ultimate Ceremony

5 Wedding Must-Haves

Dream weddings don’t happen overnight. It’s a product of careful planning and thorough considerations in order to build the best once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Certainly, it comes with seismic waves of stress, too. You’ll face multiple decision-making hurdles, and perhaps get stuck with some choices along the way.Fret not! Dream weddings can be made less stressful when you build this piece by piece, taking note of all these essential must-haves to include in your special day.

1. Photographed Memories

First on the list is to secure that your memories are captured well. Ensure that the key wedding moments will be captured – from walking down the aisle to the reception venue. Best if you include a mini photo booth by the entrance of the venue to encourage guests to keep the memories with you.

Pro Tip: Include a disposable camera on every table in the reception venue and encourage guests to take photos themselves! Capture all the little things so you can re-cherish your dream wedding anytime.

2. Kids’ Corner

Yup, kids are definitely adorable. They take the cutest portion in the wedding procession. But, truth be told: kids are definitely the most difficult guests to control in the wedding reception – especially in the middle of their mood swings. To ensure that these little angels enjoy it as well, it’ll be best to create a kids’ corner where they can play and binge-watch cartoons throughout the night. Let the kids seize their good time, as the adults savor solemn moments in the main reception area.

Pro Tip: Create a mini-themed costume party for the kids to enjoy! You can even hire magicians so they can be kept entertained and amused in their corner.

3. The Wedding Playlist

Take a trip down memory lane with every beat! Weddings certainly bring back the happy moments you’ve shared in the past – recalling all your firsts and definitely savoring the lasts as boyfriend and girlfriend. Of course, these memories include a song or two to remember. Build your wedding playlist from the special songs you’ve shared in these moments. Feel your heart flutter with every beat throughout the night!

Pro Tip: Create a mini clip for every special song! Include the memories you’ve shared in these special songs for an added bucket of tears to shed.

4. Overall Theme

Consistency is the key to achieving your dream wedding. Certainly, you’ll be overwhelmed with choices as you start the wedding preparations. To ensure that you’re making the right choice, best if you have an overall theme to follow for your wedding. This will guide you in choosing the essential little details – from the color palette to decors and dresses.

Pro Tip: Themes should blend well with your chosen wedding and reception area. To save money, best if you mix and match available resources in building your preferred theme. It doesn’t have to be templated. Remember, uniqueness and creativity will make your dream wedding stand out.

5. Striking Invitation Cards

Last but definitely not least, a striking invitation card is also a wedding must-have. Of course, you’d want to excite your guests for this momentous event, right? Sharing this milestone with your significant circle makes this event even more special.

PRO Tip: Free yourself from stress in planning this! Thankfully, there are institutions like Utah Announcements that grants you an opportunity to build your dream wedding invitation with a professional taste. It aims to personalize your experience with a simple 3-step online ordering process. Hassle-free yet innovative wedding cards, yes?

A wedding isn’t just a celebration of love. It’s a celebration meant to honor a special moment with your friends and family. Prepare for this big day with these five must-haves for a smooth and memorable wedding experience!

invitation design

Why Great Invitation Designs Matter

Weddings are one of the most precious events that one may experience in his/her lifetime. Weddings are often built from childhood fantasies. That moment when you are finally walking down the aisle to reach your eternal love. It doesn’t end there though. Your heart races even faster when you see the tears falling down from your loved ones – droplets of sheer delight and pride to have shared this momentous event with you. Your heart screams joy and excitement, teardrops of bliss concealed behind your veil.

Is this one of your life goals, too? Most of us do. However, gathering a bunch of people with different priorities, preferences, and hectic schedules doesn’t come easy. It requires extensive planning and consideration. 

One of the critical elements of wedding planning is the wedding invitation. It marks the first connection of the couple to their attendees. Simply put, this makes a first (and lasting) impression on your desired audience. Invitations usually encapsulate the journey that a couple has been through, painting their story with a powerful design. 

Preferences in design vary depending on personal taste. Some opt to go minimalist; some are laced with splendor. Still, to make your wedding invitation matter, several factors have to be considered – from font face to texture.

Making your invitation design appealing 

Capturing one’s attention doesn’t come easy. It involves complex psychological processes to ensure that a design hits the senses right. Of course, visuals build the basic block in standing out.

Adding the right pictures, knowing where to place these pictures, and even identifying the words to put in between are just a few considerations to take when designing the visuals. These etch a memory that you can share with your invitees. 

Nowadays, texture also plays an imperative role in designing invitations. This is heavily driven by the couple’s paper choice. Rustic themed weddings opt for a homely kraft paper choice, others opt for the felt paper to amplify touch and connection. Scented paper is also a popular choice now to excite the olfactory sense of audiences. Determining these factors sets the mood of your wedding’s ambiance.

Making the right choice

With the complexity needed in building an effective design, couples need to source for a professional partner with a keen eye for detail. Technical skill in designing and photoshop is a must. 

Thankfully, there are institutions like Utah Announcements specially dedicated to this endeavor. Utah Announcements is a professional wedding invitation designer that grants you an opportunity to build your dream wedding invitation with a professional taste. It aims to personalize your experience with a simple 3-step online ordering process.

Free your invitations from templated judgments as you get to work 1:1 with a professional designer. You’ll work hand-in-hand in customizing graphics, color palette, even fonts to capture a picturesque invitation suite. Collaboration happens online, at the comfort of your own home. Best of all, it offers transparent and all-inclusive pricing to help you with precisely planning your wedding expenses. 

Make your wedding memorable; build a remarkable impression. Remember, you ought to invite…and excite. 

Utah Announcements Acquires Dittobug Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations Utah

Utah – Feb. 23, 2017 – Utah Announcements, Utah’s leading wedding invitation company, is excited to announce its acquisition of Dittobug, a wedding invitation company based in Cedar City, Utah.

Utah Announcements’ goal is to provide high quality, custom wedding invitations at an affordable price to Utah brides through online tools and stress free processes. Dittobug will help on this path as it expands Utah Announcements’ reach to more brides in Southern Utah and the United States. This acquisition allows Utah Announcements to expand its design portfolio, add additional designers to the team, and provide additional support members to help with the growing demands of the business.

Since 2010, Dittobug has strived to offer quality customer service, great prices, and custom designs to give brides control over their wedding invitations. Utah Announcements has these same goals and taking over Dittobug will be a wonderful and seamless transition. Utah Announcements will carry on the Dittobug Wedding Invitation mission while building upon it. All sites and social accounts owned by Dittobug will redirect to Utah Announcements and operate under the Utah Announcements brand.

About Utah Announcements

Utah Announcements was founded in March 2013 with a goal to provide customers with an affordable option that doesn’t compromise quality. All wedding invitations can be fully customized working 1-on-1 with a professional designer. All orders include free shipping and envelopes.

To stay up-to-date on all things Utah Announcements, visit the website at

LDS Bride

New York Times: LDS Bride Masterfully Plans Wedding in 5 Days

LDS Bride Plans Wedding in 5 Days

By The New York Times

Planning an entire wedding in 5 days, some say she might be crazy, others might say she is in love. Either way sending out wedding invitations via text message was pretty creative! Congratulations Emily and Rob!

It was the day before my wedding, and I still didn’t have a dress. In less than 24 hours, family and friends would be gathering to celebrate the occasion, and at this point my “something borrowed” was going to be an entire church outfit. Was I concerned? Not really, and not for long. I decided to throw a Hail Mary at my mom by asking if she would make a skirt to match the $10 top I found. She did. And it was lovely.

My wedding dress was just one of many things I wasn’t concerned about.

For example, five days earlier (on a Thursday, which also happened to be New Year’s Eve), I was on the phone with the woman who would become my banquet coordinator. The conversation took place about an hour after I was officially engaged (with an $8.88 Walmart wedding ring purchased that morning) while hiking in the Sedona Verde Valley in Arizona.

It went like this:

HER (choking cough) “Excuse me? You’re getting married in five days, and you’re just calling me now?”

ME “Well, I actually think I’m being quite generous. I just got engaged, and you’re my first call. I figured I should work out some logistics before texting everyone. And no, I’m not pregnant.”

HER “Well this is unusual. How many people are you expecting?”

ME “Probably 100.”

HER (cough) “One hundred people with five days’ notice?”

Featured image from The New York Times

Read the rest of this story at

Fall Wedding Inspiration

The colors are changing and the temperature is dropping – fall is just here! The beautiful scenery is great inspiration if you are planning a wedding in the next couple of months. Incorporating small, subtle fall elements in your decor and theme will help you create a current and seasonal feel throughout your big day. Follow our suggestions for the perfect autumn wedding!

1. Go Rustic
Whether it’s a barn or burlap, fall is the perfect time for a rustic wedding. It doesn’t get more rustic than a barn venue, but if that is not an option, include smaller elements to create that same vibe. Anything wood, such as a tree slice cake stand or barn wood signage, is a good place to start.

2. Get Cozy
If the temperature hasn’t fallen too low, you can take your guests outside to enjoy this wonderful season. If your venue will allow it, set up a firepit with smores supplies for a camp-style feel. Add warm, assorted blankets to keep guests cozy and warm while they are outside. You could also serve hot chocolate and cider to keep the cold away. As long as your guests are comfortable, they will have a blast!

3. Create A Seasonal Color Palette
Reds, oranges, yellows, and browns are traditional fall colors but don’t let that limit you! Fall is a time for deep shades – think burgundy, plum, navy, and scarlet. These darker colors will be a great complement to the changing season.

4. Bring The Outdoors Inside
With colder temperatures, it can be difficult to have a fully outdoor wedding (especially when it gets closer to winter). Bring elements of the outdoors to your indoor venue to make it feel like autumn. Using leaves or pinecones in your decor, such as center pieces, can make it seem like you are right outside.


5. Design Your Invites With The Theme
Your invitations are the first exposure guests will have to your wedding. Include rustic elements like wood or burlap to create a fall theme that starts as soon as your guests open their invites.
Check out some of our categories from our portfolio to get started with some fall wedding inspiration for your wedding invitations. Just a reminder, all our designs can be 100% customized to fit your exact style and wants.

Burlap Wedding Invitations
Rustic Wedding Invitations
Wooden Wedding Invitations

Utah Announcements: Locally made wedding invites (KUTV)

(KUTV) Brad Mills and Sara Wilson from Utah Announcements show you how many options you have when you buy your announcements and invitations locally from nearby designers.

Click on the image below to see the video.

Utah Announcements

Thank you to all the past customers who have gotten us where we are today with this business and we are excited to keep giving brides custom wedding invitations at an affordable price. Contact us for more information about how we can help you get exactly what you want for your upcoming wedding.

What to Include in Your Wedding Invitation Suite

There are a lot of pieces that go into your invitation suite and it’s easy to get confused. From a save the date to an RSVP card to a reception card, all these pieces can start to run together. This post is all about eliminating that confusion. We are here to explain to you every piece that you can include in your invitation suite and what it’s used for. Keep in mind that not all these pieces are required, or even necessary. It’s up to you to determine what you need and how that fits with your style. Don’t feel pressured to include any items unless you see them as necessary or just plain cute. Keep reading for our tips on what to include in your wedding invitation suite!

1. Save the Date Card

If you are having a long engagement and know your wedding date 6-8 months in advance, this is a great way to give your guests a preview of the wedding. This is especially important if guests will need to make travel arrangements. On the card, include the couple’s names and the date and location of the wedding. You can also put a link to your wedding website for more information. If you will only be engaged for a short time, skip this step and go straight to the wedding invitation.

2. Wedding Invitation

This is the most important piece of your entire invitation suite. This piece should include all the major details the guests should know: names of the couple and the date, time, and location of the wedding. Some brides choose to treat this piece as more of an announcement of the marriage and include details about any wedding events on separate cards (which we will explain further down on the list). Alternatively, if you want a wedding suite with fewer pieces, you can use the main invitation to invite guests to the ceremony and/or reception. You can also use this piece to let guests know of your registry and other details about they may need to know about the wedding, like what attire is expected or if kids are allowed.

3. RSVP card (and envelope)

This piece is a small card your guests can use to let you know if they will be attending your wedding. Traditionally, this also includes a stamped envelope for your guests to send their responses back in. To avoid this extra envelope, make your RSVP card a postcard instead. Just make sure to include a stamp on it!

4. Ceremony Card

This piece lets your guests know where and when the actual marriage ceremony will be taking place. If you are not inviting all of your guests to the ceremony, it is best to include this information on a separate card. Include any pertinent information such as the date, time, and location.

5. Reception Card

This piece is much like the ceremony card but instead lets your guests know where and when the reception will be taking place. If you include this information on your invitation, you can skip this step altogether. If not, include any important information like the date, time, and location on this card.

6. Directions Card

Make sure your guests know where your wedding is and how to get there – you can’t always trust the GPS! This is especially important if you are holding a destination wedding or your wedding is in a hard-to-find area. You can approach this piece is two ways. First, you can simply list the directions to the venue. Second, you can include a map of where the venue is and how to get there. You should also include this information on your wedding website.


7. Accommodations Card

This piece is reserved mainly for destination weddings and out-of-town guests. Make sure anyone that has to travel has some direction as to where they should stay when they get there. You can often get a lower rate if you book a block of rooms so make your guests aware of this option. You should also let them know on this card if you are paying for their accommodations.

8. Rehearsal Dinner/Luncheon Invitation

Many couples choose to have a dinner the night before or lunch the day of their wedding. If you are doing this, give the information to your guests on a separate card. Just like the wedding and reception card, include all important details especially the date, time, and location. Typically, the wedding party, family members, and out-of-town guests are invited.

9. Bridal Shower Invitation

If you want to skip a step down the road, include an invitation to your bridal shower in your invitations. This makes it easier when the shower comes along because you do not have to send out a separate invitation.

10. Social Media Card

Use social media to collect pictures from your wedding. There are a lot of apps you can use that allow guests to upload photos to a shared drive. Alternatively, you can create a hashtag and have your guests include it on all their posts at the wedding. You can use a social media card to let guests know of this ahead of time so you are more likely to get more photos.




Invitation Timeline

Wedding Invitation Timeline Tips, Template, Wording, Design

With so many pieces, it can be confusing when to send them out. It get’s even more confusing when you try to decipher traditional etiquette versus the more modern, lax rules. To clear all this up, we’ve created a timeline to guide you on when to send each piece of your invitation suite out. Use this invitation timeline to make sure you get everything sent out on time and without any stress! Take a look!

Save the Dates

Traditionally, save the date cards are sent out six to eight months before the wedding. The main reason they are sent out so far in advance is so people have time to make travel arrangements. However, this long timeline isn’t always a luxury for many brides. If you are working with a shorter timeline, try to send save the date cards out as soon as you have set a date and book a venue. Shoot for about four to six months in advance if possible. If you aren’t sending save the dates, then you can skip this step!


Invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks before the wedding. This ensures that people can put your event on their calendar before other things come up. This also gives you time to get your RSVP cards back if you choose to send those out. Again, if you’re working on a shorter timeline, just try to send them as far out as possible. Aim for about a month in advance at least.

RSVP Cards

This deadline is not as much for you as it is for your guests. On the RSVP card, let your guests know that you would like their responses two to three weeks before your wedding date. This will allow you enough time to make changes to your seating chart and catering head count.

Thank You Cards

If you receive a gift before the wedding, the general rule is to send a thank you card within two weeks. For gifts received after the wedding, send out cards within four weeks. Make sure you respond promptly to all gifts to let the giver know you are grateful and appreciate their kindness.

Wedding Invitation Wording

Wedding Invitation Wording Templates, Tips and Etiquette

Figuring out how to word your invitations can be tricky. With all the etiquette rules and customs, it can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry – we are here to help you! Read through this post to find all the information you will need to write your invitations.

What Information Do You Need? 

  • Bride and groom’s names
  • Bride and groom’s parents’ names
  • Date, time, and location of ceremony
  • Date, time, and location of reception/open house
  • Registry information

Once you have this information, it is simply a matter of plugging it in. You can change the wording based on how formal or casual you want your invitations to be.

Formal Invitation Wording

  • The invitation should be issued by the hosts i.e. “Dwayne and Mary Smith are pleased the announce…”
  • Include all formal titles, such as Dr., Mr., and Mrs.
  • Spell the date out, i.e. “Monday, the fourth of July two thousand thirteen”
  • Do not include registry information on the invitation.

Informal Invitation Wording

  • Feel free to play around with the placement of names. You can put both sets of parents together or omit them, it’s up to you.
  • Keep it casual. No need for fancy descriptive words, keep it short and too the point.
  • Include registry information to make it easy for guests to find the perfect gift.
  • Mix up the order of information

Take a look at the examples below to get inspired for writing your own information! For more examples, head on over to our invitation portfolio.


How To: Stress-Free Invitations

Getting your invitations out can be a stressful task, but it doesn’t have to be! Especially when you are inviting a lot of guests, the idea of addressing and stuffing all those envelopes can seem daunting. Here are a couple tips for making the invitation process stress-free.

1. Do your research. 

Make the design process easy by doing a little pre-work. Researching design ideas and general inspiration for your wedding will make it easier to determine what you want your invitation to look like. With so many options, it’s important to narrow down the possibilities to avoid being overwhelmed.

2. Have a budget. 

Determine how much of your wedding budget you want to spend on invitations. This helps you avoid over-spending and having to cut costs elsewhere. You can get a free quote for your invitations on our website to determine how much your invitations will cost before submitting an order.

3. Start addressing early.

Even if you don’t have your invitations yet, start addressing your envelopes. Getting an early start on this task can make it easy once you get your invites. If they are all addressed once they arrive, you can stuff them and send them out quickly and avoid stress about getting them out in time. To make this process even easier, we offer an envelope printing service. Look at our website for more details.

4. Give yourself enough time.

Try to order your announcements at least two months before your wedding date. This gives you ample time for the design process and shipping. If you have less than 30-40 days before your wedding, custom invites are still doable, but you may want to consider rushing the process.

5. Budget enough time for RSVPs. 

If you are sending out RSVP cards, give your guests enough time to respond once they receive the invitation in their mailbox. You should request guests to RSVP three weeks before the wedding date, meaning you will need to send the invites out six weeks before the date. This is especially important if you are basing food orders or other logistics on the number of guests attending.

6. Make a guest list. 

Create a spreadsheet or list with your guest’s names, addresses, and other information (like attendance, food choices, etc.). This will help keep you organized and make sure you do not have any duplicates. is a great online service to help you organize your guest list online.

7. Recruit family and friends to help. 

Once your invitations arrive, have an invitation party with your friends and family. Get them together to help you stuff and seal the envelopes and you will be done in no time!

8. Go over all invitation proofs thoroughly.

Imagine getting all your invitations and date is wrong – so stressful! Avoid any mistakes before printing by reading and looking over all the proofs you receive several times. Have someone else look at them for you to catch any mistakes you might have missed.

Our Most-Pinned Invitations

Every bride knows that Pinterest is a valuable tool in planning the perfect wedding. With so much inspiration and so many great ideas, it is a great resource for every bride-to-be. We recently went through our own Pinterest and found our five most-pinned invitations to share with all of you.

1. Kwinci and Todd

542 repins, 85 likes

By far our most popular design, Kwinci and Todd’s invitation is a stroke of typographic genius. The fonts and colors flow well together to create a beautiful message for your guests. The nontraditional wording highlights the important details that guests need to know, like the bride and grooms names and the time and place of the reception. The calendar is a cute touch that again reminds guests exactly when the big day is. This invitation is a great way to give guests a preview of your wedding style and colors, as well as give them all the important information they need.

2. Michelle and Jacob

87 repins, 7 likes

Michelle and Jacob’s design nails the chalkboard trend right on the head. The simple black and white lettering is beautiful to look at and does not distract from the cute couple’s photo.  The swirling accents add a nice touch and complement the cursive lettering.

3. Nichole and Parker

59 repins, 5 likes

With a design similar to Michelle and Jacob, Nichole and Parker’s invitation is very popular. The lettering in this announcement is very similar to the previous one and looks simple and classy. The photo background is a great way to showcase more of your engagement photos (because let’s be honest… it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few favorites, right?). This words and photo combination is a beautiful way to invite your friends and family to take part in your wedding day.

4. Hanna and Joseph

30 repins, 3 likes

Hanna and Joseph’s floral announcement is a breath of fresh air. Great for a spring or summer wedding, this invitation is often pinned on wedding inspiration boards. The gold coloring is classic and classy, giving a sophisticated air to their invite. The monogram adds an extra special and unique touch, making it all their own.

5. Melanie and Kolten

24 repins, 4 likes

Think of this as Michelle and Jacob minus the photo. This chalkboard design is a Pinterest hit. Its simplicity is its biggest strength, making it easy to customize with your own photo separately. The black and white colors are a classic choice and the mixture of fonts looks beautiful. This invitation works year round for many different wedding styles.

Well, there you have it – our most popular Pinterest styles! Feel free to check out our Pinterest for more inspiration and ideas. You can also take a look at our portfolio on our website for past clients’ designs.

Pretty Packaging

How to Assemble Your Wedding Invitations Properly

So you have designed and printed your invitation, you’re done right? Close, but you’re missing one thing – the envelopes! The envelope is the first thing people will see when they receive your invitation so it’s important you get it right. You want the envelope to look beautiful and show you care about the guest receiving it. You have two options for putting information on your envelopes: handwrite it or type it.

Handwrite It

Some people write the addresses themselves, some hire a professional calligrapher. Either way, this is the most time and work intensive option, especially when you have hundreds of invitations to address. However, if you have the time and relatively small guest list, this is a great way to show your personal style

Type It


Your other option is to let a computer save you some time (and some hand pain) and type your addresses onto your envelopes. If you have already compiled a guest list and addresses on your computer, this is easy and quick. Typewritten addresses are simple and clean, making a great first inspiration as soon as your guests open their mailboxes.

As if typing the addresses does not already save you enough time, you don’t even have to do that! For just $0.25 each, we can address all of your invitations for you. We know you are probably stretched thin in the wedding planning process and we want to make it easier on you. This new service allows you to check one extra thing off your list and move on to other parts of your wedding. Let us help you! If you are interested in envelope printing, please visit this link to learn more: Envelope Printing.