Wedding Resolutions

It’s the beginning of a new year and that means everyone around you is making new years resolutions. If you’re getting married this year, take advantage of this time and make some goals for your own wedding planning. Take a look at a few of our suggestions for great new year’s wedding resolutions.

1. Stay true to your own style.

Pinterest, blogs, and Instagram are a huge help when trying to plan your wedding. They give you great ideas and show you what others have done with their own nuptials. However, looking at others’ style all the time can make it difficult to identify your own likes and dislikes. When planning your wedding this year, don’t let others’ tastes sway yours. Stay true to yourself and create a wedding that YOU love.

2. Don’t procrastinate.

It seems like there are a million things you need to do to pull this wedding off. With so much on your plate, you can get easily overwhelmed and become tempted to just push everything to the side. This just creates a bigger pile of things for you to complete in even less time. Use this year to tackle your wedding tasks head-on. Outline specific tasks and create a timeline with real deadlines for when each item needs to be completed. Getting organized will help you avoid procrastinating and save you a huge amount of stress.

3. Learn to say no.

When you’re engaged, everyone you know, and even people you don’t, have an opinion on what you should do. Everyone wants to have their say and make suggestions for what they think will make the perfect wedding. They mean well, but it can seem annoying or frustrating trying to satisfy all these demands. Stand your ground and learn to say no when someone tries to take over parts of your wedding. Stay strong and take control of this special day so it can be everything you imagined.

4. Stay balanced.

With everything that needs to be done, wedding planning can take over your life if you let it. With decisions to make about cakes, colors, dresses, venues, etc., it seems like there isn’t room in your life with anything else. This resolution is all about keeping this seemingly endless list of tasks in check. When you understand that your wedding, although special, is really just one day, it will help you balance planning with the rest of your life. Carve out a specific time to do wedding planning every day or every week and stick to it. Don’t let it take over your life.

5. Keep your priorities in focus.

Wedding planning puts a lot of focus on the things involved in your wedding, not the people. At the end of your wedding day, the cake will all be eaten, the flowers will wilt, and the guests will go home. The most important part of your wedding is who you are marrying. This year, make sure your groom know that he is the most important part of this wedding. Set a goal to regularly let him know how much you appreciate and love him. Seeing the big picture, that you’ll get to be married to the love of your life at the end of this perfect day, will help you when small bumps come along.

Here’s to a great year of great weddings!