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8 Wedding Planning Tips for your Greenery Inspired Wedding

Greenery can transform any wedding from simple to elegant and luxurious. You can have a greenery-inspired wedding for any season and in many different ways. There are many different flowers and herbs to choose from depending on where you are from and what season you are planning your wedding. Here we are going to share some Wedding Planning Tips to make your wedding perfect.

Greenery can easily be paired with different colors such as white, gold, wood, and more! From centerpieces to hairstyles, it doesn’t take that much effort to incorporate it into your wedding decor. Here are some Wedding Planning Tips to have the perfect greenery-inspired wedding.

wedding planning tips

1. Look For a Simple Wedding Venue

For greenery weddings, think of your wedding venue as your blank canvas! This is where you can start visualizing how you want to set up your wedding. It doesn’t have to be grand because your design will make your wedding shine no matter how plain the empty wedding venue looks.

Greenery weddings are usually held outdoors but you can also hold it inside a tent or even in a building. Just make sure that the venue can hold the audience capacity that you prefer.

2. Choose the Right Greenery For You

There are so many types of herbs and florals that you can choose from. Some of the most popular greenery to choose from are myrtle, eucalyptus, and fern because they can easily be used for any type of design.

If you’re looking for something different, try to experiment with succulent. Succulents are effortlessly gorgeous and can be used as table decor, bouquets, and giveaways. Try to mix and match to see what’s best for you!

wedding planning tips

3. Go For an Earthy Green Wedding Invitation

Your wedding invitation will be your guest’s first sneak peek of your wedding. Make a statement by creating an elegant wedding invitation with earthy and greenery tones. You can create the perfect greenery wedding invitation without all the stress by hiring professional invitation designers.

4. Decorate Your Ceremony Backdrop with Herb and Floral Garlands

A beautiful greenery wedding isn’t complete without an altar or background that is filled with lush greenery. Depending on your chosen venue, you can drape the greenery on the walls, on a metal stand, or whatever fits! Make sure to fill and style that area because it where the magic will happen.

5. Fill Your Table Decorations With Florals And Herbs

Another wedding must-have is to decorate your wedding centerpieces with lush greenery. Place greenery on the tables and around the chairs for the guests to truly feel the fresh atmosphere from when they enter the room or the venue. You can even go above and beyond and decorate the lights, walls, etc.

wedding planning tips

6. Match it with your Hairstyle

A simple way to match your theme is to style the bride’s and bridesmaid’s hairstyle with greenery. A few ideas are wearing a flower crown, tying your hair with greenery, draping it below, and other accents that can give your hairstyle a boost. Work with a professional hairstylist to make your dream wedding hairstyle come true. 

7. Match your greenery theme with your guests’ outfits

Have your guests wear a color or clothing style that will complement the greenery theme. This can be either plain white, gold, or whatever it is that fits your whole theme. Having a unifying attire can impact the look of your wedding more than you may think.

8. Prepare Greenery-inspired Food

Of course, your wedding will not be complete without any food! And why not take the extra step and match your food with your theme. Greenery-inspired cake and pastries will surely be a delicious addition to your wedding.

wedding planning tips

These are just some tips to make your greenery-inspired wedding as elegant and stress-free as it can be. The only problem you might encounter is how to keep the herbs fresh for your wedding day, which can be solved by proper refrigeration. Achieving your dream greenery wedding can be cheap and easy if you plan your wedding correctly.