Wedding Planning checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist

Planning your wedding is exciting but it can also be overwhelming. It would be a nightmare if you forget something for your wedding day. You wouldn’t want your special day to be ruined with that little thing that you mistakenly overlooked, would you?

So we are here to give you a rundown of everything you need for your wedding. Are you ready to tick off the items in our checklist?

First Phase

This is the time when you have just been engaged. This part of wedding planning can be extremely overwhelming as you will be starting from scratch and will need to determine the main details of your wedding. 

  • Choose a wedding date.

Of course, wedding planning cannot start without finalizing the wedding date. This will determine the amount of time that you have for preparations so you can manage and adjust accordingly.

  • Determine your budget. 

Check out these tips on how to keep your wedding under budget.

  • Identify your preferred wedding theme. 

Collect inspirations to give you ideas on possible wedding themes. Are you planning to have a backyard wedding? Maybe a greenery-inspired wedding will work for you. Or will you be having your wedding during winter?

  • Look for possible venue options.

Once you’ve already got a visual idea of how you want your wedding, start looking for possible venue options. Here’s how you can choose the right wedding venue.

  • Start creating your guest list.

Identify who you would like to invite to your wedding. Will it be a big wedding or will you opt for an intimate wedding with just family and close friends?

  • Have your engagement photos taken.

Your engagement photos can be used for your invitations and as part of your wedding decor. Furthermore, having your engagement photos taken can be an evaluation of whether or not you’ve chosen the right photographer for your wedding.

Second Phase

You are now in the middle part of your wedding planning process. Make sure to secure everything you need for your wedding day.

  • Secure your venue.

Once you’ve chosen a venue, make sure to book it right away.

  • Book your officiant.

Your wedding won’t be official if you do not have a wedding officiant so ensure that you won’t forget to book one.

  • Make your wedding announcement. 

This wedding can never move forward without announcing it to your guests. Send out Save The Date and Invitation Cards and keep your guests excited. Here are some Save The Date ideas and tips on how to choose the right wedding invitation. Always keep in mind that great invitation designs matter.

  • Hire your photographer, caterer, florist, and all necessary wedding suppliers.

Ensure that you have secured all the necessary vendors for your wedding. Book them ahead so you’ll have more time in case there are adjustments needed.

  • Finalize wedding outfits for you and your entourage.

You and your guests should look perfect during your wedding day. Schedule fittings and finalize outfits for you and your entourage.

Third Phase

Your wedding day becomes nearer and nearer! Are you excited? Finish up your preparation by accomplishing the last items in your checklist.

  • Finalize the menu and the program of the reception.

Make sure that you and your guests will enjoy your wedding reception. Conduct food tasting to ensure the quality of the food that you will serve to your guests. Set the program flow for a more organized wedding reception.

  • Explore wedding day hair and make up styles.

You should look stunning during your big day. Do hair and make up tests to know which look best suits you.

  • Write your wedding vows.

This definitely shouldn’t be forgotten. Reflect on your story as a couple and pour your heart out when writing your wedding vows.

  • Purchase your wedding rings.

Purchase your wedding rings early to ensure you have enough time for resizing and engraving.

  • Acquire your marriage license.

Make it official! Ensure to acquire your marriage license.

  • Prepare Thank You gifts or cards for your guests.

Will you be giving out wedding favors to your guests as a Thank You gift? If wedding favors aren’t your thing, you can opt to give out Thank You cards instead.


These can feel like a lot but your special day deserves careful planning to ensure that you don’t miss out on all wedding must-haves. If you want to know more about wedding planning as well as the things that people don’t tell you about wedding planning, read this article.

Go and start ticking off each item in your checklist. You deserve a perfect wedding!