What to Wear to Your Engagement Shoot

Your engagement photos are a big part of your invitation and a way to show your guests your unique personalities. While it may seem like a no-brainer, picking out what to wear to your engagement photo shoot can be tough. You pick outfits every day but this one is different. This one will be posted on refrigerators for months and you want to look your best. Follow these tips for a perfect engagement shoot ensemble.

1. Coordinate, not match.

When picking outfits for you and your fiancee, you want to make sure your outfits are similar and complement each other. However, do not match exactly. Wearing the exact same color shirts, pants, and shoes can be a little too matchy-matchy and outdated. Instead, opt for colors that go well together without being the same. This is a great time to work in some of your wedding colors to set the tone for your big day.

2. Remember the season.

The clothes you pick will differ depending on the time of year. The clothes you pick for a winter shoot are going to be very different from the clothes you pick for a summer shoot. Pick clothes that you will feel comfortable in with special consideration of the temperature; don’t wear a strapless dress if it’s below freezing outside! You’ll look your best when you’re comfortable, not when you’re shivering. Stick with warm clothes with sleeves for fall and winter. In spring and summer, feel free to go strapless and wear light fabrics.

3. Mix colors and neutrals.

Color is a great way to make your photos more exciting, but many shy away from it because they don’t want to be too bold. Wearing too many neutrals can wash you out so play with different colors until you get the right mix. Whether it’s a bright piece of statement jewelry or a colorful shirt, make sure you incorporate some fun.

4. Bring a few extra pieces. 

Most people bring two different outfits to their photo shoot: a casual one and a formal one. You can also bring additional pieces. You may get to your location and find your outfit doesn’t work in that setting. Having an extra shirt or piece of jewelry can solve that.

5. Be Yourself.

The most important thing to remember when taking your photos is to be yourself. The best pictures are those in which the subjects look happy and comfortable. You want to look like yourself in your photos, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go buy a new outfit. Just stick with pieces you know and love so you look natural and beautiful.