Thank You Card Inspiration

You’ve spent lots of time thinking about the design but very little thinking about what you want your thank you cards to look like. So many generous people gave you gifts and you want to show them how much you appreciate them!

There are a couple key things to know about thank you cards. Formal etiquette says that you should send them out within two weeks of receiving the gift. However, this can be difficult when you get so many gifts at once. A good rule of thumb is to try and have your thank you cards out 2-3 months after the wedding. To help you finish them in time, try to develop a formula for what to say in the card that you can customize based on the individual and gift.

To save money on thank you cards, send out postcards instead of cards in envelopes. This can help you save money on postage and you will not have to buy envelopes. We offer 250 thank you postcards for $80 and 500 postcards for $100. This includes the custom design fee and shipping.