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How to Assemble Your Wedding Invitations Properly

So you have designed and printed your invitation, you’re done right? Close, but you’re missing one thing – the envelopes! The envelope is the first thing people will see when they receive your invitation so it’s important you get it right. You want the envelope to look beautiful and show you care about the guest receiving it. You have two options for putting information on your envelopes: handwrite it or type it.

Handwrite It

Some people write the addresses themselves, some hire a professional calligrapher. Either way, this is the most time and work intensive option, especially when you have hundreds of invitations to address. However, if you have the time and relatively small guest list, this is a great way to show your personal style

Type It


Your other option is to let a computer save you some time (and some hand pain) and type your addresses onto your envelopes. If you have already compiled a guest list and addresses on your computer, this is easy and quick. Typewritten addresses are simple and clean, making a great first inspiration as soon as your guests open their mailboxes.

As if typing the addresses does not already save you enough time, you don’t even have to do that! For just $0.25 each, we can address all of your invitations for you. We know you are probably stretched thin in the wedding planning process and we want to make it easier on you. This new service allows you to check one extra thing off your list and move on to other parts of your wedding. Let us help you! If you are interested in envelope printing, please visit this link to learn more: Envelope Printing.