Save The Date Card | Save The Date Card Ideas For Your Wedding

Save The Date Card Ideas For Your Wedding

Save The Date Card Ideas 

Congratulations! Have you already set the date for your wedding? This is really big news that you will announce to your friends and family. And when you share the big news, you also want them to feel the same excitement that you felt when the important question has been finally popped.  

One of the ways how couples announce their wedding is by giving out Save The Date cards. Save The Dates are given earlier than invitation cards. It is a great way to prepare your loved ones for your wedding day before you officially and formally invite them. Its difference from invitation cards is that it is just a way to let people know about your wedding day while invitation cards are wordier and include more information like the wedding venue, date, dress code (if there are any), and other details. 

Since it is a part of your wedding announcement, it should reflect the overall theme of your wedding. To help you decide on what type of Save The Date card is perfect for you, here are some ideas:


Save The Date Wedding Card

What’s a better way of telling your guests about your wedding day than a Calendar Save The Date? Provide them a calendar, plot your wedding date, and voila – it’s all set! This will ensure that your guests won’t forget about this special day. To make it more personalized and romantic, include photos from your engagement or pre-nuptial shoot. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the perfect envelope to complement it. Check out our Gourmet Flavors Collection for elegant color options that will surely impress your guests.

Photo Design

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The Photo Design Save The Date card is a simple yet personalized design that will surely make a mark on the hearts of your guests. Feature a stunning photo of you and your partner as the background and lay down the date of your wedding to inform your guests of this special day. This is a simple photo design that is as striking as your love for each other. Complete the look of your Photo Design Save The Date Card with our kraft paper envelope.

Photo Collage 

Save The Date Card Ideas For Your Wedding

Want to flaunt your beautiful engagement and pre-nuptial photos? Why settle with just one photo when you can create a collage? No need to include wordy content as your romantic photos will say it all with our Photo Collage Save The Date card. Your guests will know your story just by looking at your photos. To add a pop of color to your Save The Date card, choose among our Pop Tone Collection for the envelope that will surely catch your guests’ attention.


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If you prefer to keep if traditional and classy, the Damask Save The Date card is perfect for you. Fall in love with this exciting and captivating design that will bring artistry to your wedding. Feel free to be creative by incorporating other elements like flowers, leaves, feathers, and whatever you like. Customize the damask pattern by utilizing your own choice of color. Make it bolder by using striking colors or keep it romantic by using dark tones. Of course, your save-the-date card wouldn’t be complete without an envelope. Our Ivory/Cream envelope is the best choice to keep the sophistication of your Damask Save The Date card.


Whatever design you choose, make sure that you put your heart into it. Make it as personalized as possible. Make sure that it is relevant to your life as a couple. Your Save The Date card should have a piece of your love story.

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