Natural Wedding Invitations | Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas 2021

Floral and Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas in 2021

Hello, soon-to-wed couples for 2021! Congratulations! Before you get all caught up with excitement for your big day, an important question is: how will you announce your wedding to your guests? 

Wedding invitations are a big part of a couple’s wedding. Aside from being a way to announce your wedding, since it is the first thing that your guests will see about your wedding, it will set the overall mood and theme. 

Are you both fond of natural and flourish designs? Why not utilize it as your wedding theme? Since your wedding will happen only once in your lifetime, you would want to be intricate about each detail. Floral and natural styles will still be popular in 2021. Although this design is commonly used for most wedding invitations, you can still make yours unique from this floral and natural wedding invitation ideas:

Classic Floral

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Classic floral wedding invitations are timeless designs that will surely leave a lasting impression to your guests. This is usually the invitation design for couples who want to keep their theme traditional. It is simple yet elegant and makes the floral touch a great addition to liven up the clean look of the invitation.

Although this is a classic design, you can still personalize it by customizing the floral elements with the flower and color of your choice. 

Modern Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas

Floral but make it modern? It’s possible! When you think about floral, the usual designs that come to mind are classic and traditional. But did you know that you can put a twist on your traditional floral wedding invitations? Just by adding a pop of color and with the right font, you can create a modern floral invitation design that has a completely different feel from the usual floral wedding invitations.

Watercolor Floral

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Give your floral invitation a nice soft look with this watercolor floral design. Watercolor and flowers go well together as the strokes of the watercolor can give an effect that imitates the look of the petals of real flowers.

Minimalist Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation

Not a fan of too much color in your invitation? This minimalist floral invitation is the perfect option for you. Keep it clean and simple by utilizing line art for the illustrated floral visuals. It gives the clean look a romantic feel that doesn’t disrupt the minimalist design.

Rustic Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation

Provide a hint of romance to your wooden-inspired invitation design. Combine floral and wooden elements to create a rustic floral wedding invitation. This is perfect for backyard weddings which can be turned into a romantic and dreamy garden wedding set-up.

Greenery Floral

Natural Style Wedding Invitation Ideas 2021

Love natural elements but also can’t get enough of the lovely look of flowers? No need to trouble yourself with choosing one as you can utilize both to make a greenery floral invitation. Make your simple greenery-inspired invitation design stand out by adding floral elements.

Feel free to customize

Whichever you choose, always remember that you can customize and personalize your invitation however you want. Feel free to contact Utah Announcements if you want to build on an idea or you need help in customizing your wedding invitation. We have talented designers who can work with you one-on-one and make adjustments based on your feedback.

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