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How To Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy

Your wedding should be all about you and your partner. After all, it is you and your partner who’s getting married. In fact, everything on the wedding preparation puts the bride and groom first. Is this what you want? Is this your preferred motif? Is the venue memorable to you? What type of invitation do you want? 

You must have read about all the tips and tricks to make sure that your wedding will be perfect for you. But you must not forget about the other important people during your wedding – your guests. 

Here are some of the things that you can do to keep your wedding guests happy:

1. Set up a drinks area.

Once the ceremony is over, it’s now the time that most of your wedding guests look forward to – the reception. This is your time to keep your guests entertained and happy. But transitioning from the ceremony area to the wedding venue can make your guests “hangry”. The ceremony will probably take an hour or two. And before they can formally enter the reception area, there will be a bit of waiting time due to some photo ops and registrations to find their designated seats.

Don’t let them get hungry. Set up a drinks area for some pre-dinner snacks. A few pastries and some bottles of soda will keep them occupied until they are finally able to proceed to their seats. 

2. Think about the seating plan.

It might feel exciting that your friends from different phases of your life will finally be able to get together. It can also be tempting to do some matchmaking out of your friends. However, letting your friends from different circles sit together is totally a bad idea. They might feel left out. Reserve the matchmaking session for your night outs. Your friends and family would just want to catch up with their circle and watch both of you live one of the best days of your life. 

3. Keep speeches short and sweet.

Wedding speeches are touching and it is something that both the bride and groom look forward to on their special day. It is done by someone who is very close to the couple which sometimes leads to a quite long speech especially when you have a very long love story. When you ask your maid-of-honor or best man to do the speech for your wedding, tell them to keep it short and sweet. No matter how interesting your story is, you will eventually lose the attention of your guests if you make it too long.  

4. Give away favors that they will use.

Believe it or not, wedding favors take up a bunch of the wedding budget. So why would you spend money on something that will just get stuck and collect dust in your guests’ cupboard. Let’s face it, people wouldn’t care much about those little home decor with your initials on it. Opt for wedding favours that they will use. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Simple personalized mugs or totes will do. Who would leave those behind if they have their names on it, right?

5. Set up an open bar or soda bar.

A celebration wouldn’t be complete without some alcohol. Your guests will thank you for the overflowing drinks that will keep the fun going throughout the night. Serving drinks during your “after party” will also give your guests a chance to socialize with other guests outside their own circle. You might finally have a chance to play matchmaker on your friends! They will love you for being generous for the free drinks and if the matchmaking becomes successful, you and your friends might end up attending another wedding.

6. Allocate a kids’ area.

If your guests are bringing their kids with them, it’s a good idea to have some plans on how to keep them entertained. You wouldn’t want a bunch of kids running around your reception area while the program is ongoing. It would also be a hassle for your guests if they have to keep on looking after their kids. How would they enjoy the open bar? The answer is to allocate a kids’ area. Set up a booth with children’s activities – coloring books, painting, bubbles, and other entertainment that will keep them from running around the venue all the time.

7. Play songs that will make them groove.

Make it a great party by playing songs that will make your guests groove. Hire a DJ and ask him/her to play your favorite songs. Add a few wedding classics and pop hits to get everyone on the dance floor. To make your guests feel involved, when they respond to your RSVP, you can also ask them to give song suggestions. They’ll surely feel excited when they hear the song they’ve requested. 

Your guests made an effort, so you should, too!

Remind yourself that they’ve also allotted their time for you. Some of them might have taken time off from work, have traveled far, invested in new clothes, or bought you a lovely gift. They made an effort to join you on this special occasion and celebrate with you. So make sure that your guests also have a great time at your wedding