5 Easy Ways to Cut Wedding Costs | How To Cut Wedding Costs

5 Ways To Cut Wedding Costs

When you were a kid, you might have already dreamt of your future wedding. You have probably already imagined how you’ll be walking down the aisle. We’re pretty sure you’ve always had a picture in your mind on how you would like your special day to be. You are free to dream big. We all know you deserve the perfect wedding. But when reality hits, you’ll realize that everything should be based on your budget and it should be one of the first things that you need to consider when planning your wedding. 

Fortunately, keeping your wedding costs down doesn’t mean that you also need to downgrade the quality of your wedding. We’re here to provide you with 5 ways to cut wedding costs without compromising the elegance of your big day.

1. Cut down the number of guests.

One of the main things that you can do to keep your wedding budget down is to minimize your guest list. Invite your family and closest friends only. You do not need to invite the barista who became your and your partner’s acquaintance due to your frequent visit to your favorite coffee shop. Your wedding is a special day for you and your partner so you wouldn’t want it to be attended by people whom you barely know.

Always remember that for every additional headcount, that entails an added invitation, meal allocation, extra booze, and many more. Keeping your guests into a minimum will significantly lessen your expenses.

2. Cut the cake early.

You are probably thinking how this will be able to help you cut down your wedding cost. But this hack will save a few hundred bucks. How? It’s simple. Cutting the cake is usually done during the last part of the reception and is also the last major happening in the program. After this, people are usually just enjoying their dessert, drinking, or socializing on the dance floor. 

If you cut the cake at a later time, your photographer and videographer would have to stay longer which means longer hours to pay. If you cut the cake early, they’ll be able to capture this important moment early and leave the reception one to two hours earlier.

3. Skip the wedding favors.

Another thing that significantly affects your wedding cost is the wedding favors. Imagine having to give out a wedding favor to each of your guests. Although you are able to cut down the number of your guests, wedding favors for each of them are still a lot. If you skip this portion, you get to save a lot. Or opt to give out simple and affordable wedding favors that will be useful to your guests.

In most cases, wedding favors are just items that your guests bring home after your party and eventually throw out. Because what will they do with some trinket with your wedding date carved on it? Even if they don’t throw it out, it will probably just collect dust in their cupboard. Most importantly, they went to your wedding for you and not for the goodies.

4. Do it yourself.

This is a basic money-saving tip for almost every occasion. If you can do it yourself, why hire someone else to do it? This will literally save you a lot of money. But it will also require more time and patience. 

You can start with the simple things like the decorations in your reception. Keep in mind that  although you won’t be spending for a supplier, you still need to take into consideration the amount of money that you will need to spend on the things that you need for your projects.

5. Hire local suppliers.

Our last tip will benefit not only you and your partner but also the small business owners in your area. Before you even go far, look around your area. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Find reliable partners within your area or in the location of your wedding. If you hire suppliers within your wedding location, it will lessen your costs for logistics.

By hiring local suppliers instead of well-known wedding vendors, you get to save money as well as support local businesses. 

Not everything is necessary.

We all know that you want to have all the necessary things (or so you think) for your wedding. After all, it just happens once in your life. But when you actually assess and think about it, you’ll realize that not all of these are necessary. When you take your budget into consideration, you will definitely identify which items are really important. Some are just added expenses which, honestly, won’t affect your wedding even if you leave them out.


All of these are just material things. What’s essential in your wedding is the fact that you are getting married to the one you love – and that’s what makes it perfect.