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5 Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas

Weddings become more remarkable when they have a picturesque backdrop. This is why couples and wedding planners give a lot of effort and attention to the decor and backdrop set-up during the wedding ceremony. A picturesque and beautiful wedding backdrop is easier to achieve with an outdoor wedding venue.

Here are five outdoor wedding venue ideas to help you achieve your picture-perfect wedding:

Beach Wedding

Nothing beats the scenic view that a beach wedding could offer. Take advantage of the beautiful sunset as your backdrop while you are saying “I do” with your greatest love. The relaxing sounds of the waves crashing will make this wedding even more romantic. Add to that the cool breeze of fresh air that your guests will definitely love as they get to take a quick break from the city. 

What’s also great about beach weddings is that they don’t need too many decorations. A simple set-up will suffice as the breathtaking view itself will make any wedding look impressive. You can choose a local beach as your venue or be a little extra and make it a destination wedding by doing your ceremony at your favorite beach far from the city. As a way of saying thanks to your close friends and relatives for coming, you can treat them to an overnight stay so they can enjoy the sunrise at the beach the next morning.

Botanical Garden Wedding

If you want to have a dreamy and romantic wedding, consider having a botanical garden as your wedding venue. Botanical gardens have well-maintained foliage that will complement your floral-themed wedding. You can have almost every decor that you need when you do your wedding in a botanical garden. You just need to provide some additional items to go with your wedding’s color motif.  

Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by beautiful flowers. What a dreamy and romantic scene, right?

Forest Wedding

For couples who love adventures and nature, a forest wedding is a perfect option. Look for local woods or state parks where you can have your wedding but make sure to acquire the necessary permits that you need for you to be able to use the land. You wouldn’t want your perfect moment to be interrupted by incomplete requirements and documents.

The forest is also a perfect venue for a rustic wedding or a greenery-inspired wedding. You’ll easily have all the natural elements that you need. Complement it with a natural color palette to complete the look of your dream wedding. 

Backyard Wedding

For a budget-friendly outdoor wedding venue, look no further as you can easily have your wedding in your own backyard. Aside from letting you save money since you wouldn’t need to rent out a venue anymore, a backyard wedding is lovely and homey. You can use the extra money to decorate the venue and make it as impressive as you like. Decorate it with string lights to make the atmosphere feel romantic and cozy. 

This is perfect for couples who want to have an intimate wedding and those who plan to invite limited guests. Just make sure to advise your neighbors about it so they wouldn’t be surprised by the noise and the cars that will be coming into your neighborhood. Read more about backyard weddings in this article

Estate Wedding

If you want a beautiful backyard wedding but don’t have enough space to accommodate all the guests that you want to invite, you can consider having an estate wedding. Look for an estate, country home, or manor that you can rent out. With this, you get to choose the perfect setting for the look that you want. 

You can even take advantage of historic houses in your area. It would be a memorable experience to get married in a place with an interesting story. Furthermore, historic houses usually have an eye-catching infrastructure.


Outdoor weddings are perfect if you want to have natural elements for your wedding or you do not want to spend too much time decorating a venue. Having your wedding in an outdoor venue is a great way to set the mood and atmosphere easily. In outdoor weddings, you do not need to start from scratch to make the venue look good as the elements in the venue itself will do the job.