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5 Ideas On How To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

How To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

Your wedding day is one of the memorable moments that you would like to remember forever. If you could only keep it and relive it over and over, I bet you would have already done that. Make sure to hire a photographer and videographer to document your wedding and capture every moment. This is one way to preserve your wedding day memories. You’ll be surprised by the emotions that will rush through your body when you finally watch the videos from your wedding.

Another thing from your wedding that you can preserve is your wedding bouquet. Yes, you’ve read it right. You’ll definitely fall in love with your gorgeous bouquet. But appreciating its beauty doesn’t need to last for a few days only. With its sentimental value, it deserves to be preserved for a long time. 

1. Dry your whole bouquet.

This is probably the easiest and simplest way to preserve flowers. Hang your bouquet upside down in a cool, dry place for a few weeks. Hanging it upside down is important so you can ensure that they dry in the proper position. If you dry them in an upright position, the stems will bend as it dries and will result in an awkward look for your flowers. It will seem like the flowers are looking down. You can simply use a rubber band tied on a clothes hanger to hang the bouquet.

Once the bouquet has already dried, you can put them in a vase as a decor or you can have it framed and displayed at your home.

2. Press your flowers.

Another simple way to preserve your bouquet, which you might have already done in the past, is by pressing. You will need a heavy book, like an atlas or phonebook, and wax paper. First, choose the flowers that you would like to dry from your bouquet. Spread them out on the wax paper and arrange them based on how you want them to look when they have dried. Make sure that you’ve decided on their final look before pressing them as it would be difficult to manipulate the flowers once they have dried and flattened. 

Insert the wax paper with the flowers between the pages of the book and cover the flowers with another wax paper before closing the book. This will ensure that the flowers will be free from ink and will also keep the flowers from staining the pages of the book. Weight it down with something heavy or put them below a pile of other books. Leave them for seven to ten days. Once dried, you can have it framed for better appreciation.

3. Preserve them in an epoxy resin.

Not a fan of framed decors or dried flowers in a vase? Doing an epoxy resin art is a unique way to preserve your flowers. It can become a sculptural piece of art or a simple paperweight. What’s great about preserving flowers in an epoxy resin is that you can unleash your creativity. You can customize its shape depending on the mold that you will be using. 

Fill the mold halfway with the epoxy resin and arrange the flowers however you want. After putting the flowers, fill it with resin until the top and let it dry. Once dried, remove the mold and voila – you already have a piece of art that showcases the beauty of your wedding bouquet. Just make sure to make this epoxy resin art while the flowers are still looking vibrant and fresh. This is for your wedding flowers to look blooming forever.

4. Dip your bouquet in wax. 

Another way to preserve your wedding bouquet is by dipping it in wax. Melt the paraffin wax in a saucepan with boiling water until it becomes smooth. Lower the heat so the wax mixture slightly cools down. Then, gently dip the flowers into the wax solution and immediately pull them out. Hand them upside down until dry. 

This method makes your flowers look almost the same as fresh flowers, keeping its original color intact. However, dipping in wax will not permanently preserve them. It will just extend the life of your wedding bouquet for up to six months. So if you just want to appreciate the beauty of your wedding bouquet for a few more months, this method can be your option.

5. Have them painted.

Having it painted is one way to cherish your wedding bouquet forever. Although the actual flowers won’t be preserved, it is still a lovely way to preserve their original look and remind you of all the beautiful memories you had with that wedding bouquet. Make sure you set arrangements with your preferred artist even before your wedding day. This is for you to be able to hand over your bouquet to the artist immediately after your wedding day to ensure that it is still fresh and beautiful in time for painting it.


Your wedding day is one of your memories in life that you want to cherish forever. If you are getting married soon, take time to think about the things from your wedding that you would like to preserve. Those sentimental pieces can serve as a reminder of your and your partner’s love for each other forever.